Harness the best of Convenience, Collaboration and Creativity Cloud Computing offers - with Microsoft Azure Consulting Services by atQor.

Unparalleled flexibility, multiple cost efficiencies, enhanced innovation, limitless potential, and unlimited possibilities – Microsoft Azure brings on board all this – and more.

Azure is a public cloud computing platform by Microsoft. An exceptionally flexible, comprehensive solution with 200 offerings and cloud services, it is equipped to aid organizations in building, running, and managing applications across diverse clouds, on-premises, and at the edge – with customizable, intuitive tools and frameworks.

Azure can aid and perform various organizational functions, including networking, storage, analytics, virtual computing, and more. Enterprises can replace or augment their on-premises server services with MS Azure.

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Microsoft Azure Services

Invest in a trustworthy Azure Cloud Consultant like atQor to get a tailored Cloud solution with Azure to meet your day-to-day and potential organizational needs. Organizations from America, Canada, India and many other countries have trusted us as their Azure partner.

We help you digitally transform your business with superior Microsoft Azure services. Our Microsoft Azure services ensure post-development and deployment support. Driven to help you transition your operations to Azure swiftly, safely, and seamlessly, atQors certified Azure Cloud Consultants understand and employ market best practices and solutions suitable for your systems. 

If you are considering migrating to the Cloud, atQor Azure Migration Services can assist you in making your business's decisive application ready for the Cloud. Our Azure Consultants also help you create and perform a cloud migration strategy to optimize your current applications for the Azure Platform.

Azure offers all the building blocks to create, deploy and manage cloud-based solutions swiftly, reliably, and efficiently. It comes with an extensive range of services and applications, which allow for cloud computing; the platform offers storage solutions and networking capabilities for businesses. It allows enterprises amazing flexibility and scalability; creating apps is possible in any language, tool, or existing/ developed/migrated framework. The platform is brilliantly automated; you can pick and choose from an array of resources and, if required, also integrate your public cloud applications with your legacy or existing IT environment.

Why MS Azure?

Scalability White

Azure's expansive features scale up to match your business requirements. It offers superior advanced site recovery, and built-in integration facilities. Designed to extend the reach of a domain controller and consolidate Active Directory Management more than another cloud provider, Azure can help host, develop or manage autonomous and adaptive web and mobile apps.

Secure White

With security as its mainstay, Azure is driven to enhance back-up and disaster recovery. Given the exceptional cloud security, losing data is not an option! The flexibility allows data back-ups in almost any language, from any location or on any OS. Should you want, you also have multi-factor authentication – a hassle-free security layer.

Cost Effective White
Cost Effective

With Azure, you pay as you go and enjoy its unlimited flexibility. Known to offer cloud storage at 4% to 12% cheaper pricing than other providers, Reduce complexity and costs, make better decisions, escalating development.

Innovative White

With Azure's inventive IoT industry solutions, the sky is the limit! Azure also comes with built-in hybrid apps – which can utilize resources from multiple sources. Given its compatibility with .Net programming language, Azure allows businesses to build and optimize applications consistently.

Why Choose atQor as an Azure Cloud Consultants?

Certified And Trained Expert Professionals And Consultants Blue 20+ Microsoft Certified Sharepoint Professionals White

atQor is a certified Azure Expert Managed Services Provider (MSP) – One of the few reliable and trusted expert partners for seamless, hassle-free Azure Consulting Services

20+ Years Of Expertise Blue 20+ Years Of Expertise White

20+ years of expertise in Azure Development and Migration Services – We have worked with clients from diverse industry segments and vertical and old or new businesses of all sizes and scale.

Cloud Partner Blue Cloud Partner White

Partner of Microsoft Cloud Partner Program (MCPP) - A sterling indicator of expertise, experience and trustworthiness – when it comes to end-to-end Cloud solutions for enterprises.

Area of Expertise as Microsoft Azure Consultants

atQor offers reliable and relevant Microsoft Azure Consulting services to deliver end-to-end solutions to enhance your entire application suite. Certified Azure consultants understand and analyze your business needs and current practices to develop a detailed plan that helps you opt and adopt suitable and viable Azure solutions.

We offer a full range of Azure Consulting Services, from planning to development, deployment and support. Some of the critical areas for Azure solutions include -

1. Azure Cloud Solutions


A genie, bearing answer to your complex business problems, Azure Cloud offers an array of transformational solutions for almost every arena, ranging from storage and networking solutions to DevOps, App Development, Migration and Modernization, Data Security, AI, IoT and more. Get in touch with our certified Cloud consulting experts to get personalized Azure Cloud Solutions planned, developed and deployed.

2. Azure IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)


Azure IaaS Services helps you build and grow your cloud infrastructure with exceptional computing, storage and networking resources – suitable for your enterprise needs. Cut costs, physical space constraints and complexities! With atQor's Azure Cloud Consultation Solutions, you can securely choose what fits the best, scale up or down as needed, pay as you pick a service component and get best value for your money.

3. Azure PaaS


Azure PaaS is a part of Microsoft's 'as-a-service' platform and stands for Platform as a Service. This service lets organizations buy web-hosted environments for developing, testing, and managing software applications, helping you harness Microsoft's expert programming capabilities, albeit without comparable complexity and costs. An adept Azure Consultant can help you operate PaaS solutions better and more optimally – helping you integrate, manage, or develop apps and processes across levels.


4. Azure SaaS


SaaS, or Software as a service by Azure, is designed to deliver software applications over the internet. It works on an on-demand subscription model, making it cost-effective and highly optimizable. With SaaS, Azure hosts and manages the software application and underlying infrastructure. Our certified Azure developers help you optimize your costs and functionalities – as you choose highly convenient, flexible, and scalable IT capabilities offered by this excellent service.

5. Azure Managed Services


Outsource your IT operations or supplement your digital processes to get the best from your Microsoft Azure installations with Azure Managed Services. You can opt for this service by teaming up with a Managed Service Provider or MSP like atQor. The partner or expert consultant helps you at every step with end-to-end solutions for proactively managing your Azure Cloud environment with optimized selections, implementation, security, savings, support, and more.


6. Azure Expert MSP


atQor is a certified Azure Expert Managed Services Provider (MSP). This makes an ideal choice for Azure Cloud consulting. With MSP – Microsoft aims to put the spotlight on its most capable and trusted service providers or partners. The global drive helps organizations choose and invest in the best and most reliable.


7. Azure DevOps


DevOps allows organizations to intertwine people, processes, and technology to create higher efficiencies. Foster a culture of collaboration, where software development (Dev) seamlessly mingles with IT operations (Ops), as our astute Azure DevOps consultants strategize, select and set up excellent tools for overall organizational growth and enhanced customer satisfaction.


8. Microsoft Azure for Small Business


Azure Cloud is affordable and cost-effective, given its pay-as-you-go model and fantastic customization capabilities. It works perfectly well for your small business. Invest in a trusted Azure Consulting team like atQor's. Even without an in-house tech team, our experts can help you choose, implement and employ the best, most suitable, and cost-effective web-hosted solutions for storage, app development or integration, and more by Azure.


9. Microsoft Azure for Startups


Niggling yet critical IT struggles must not add to a startup's challenges! Invest in astute Azure consulting services to digitally transform your business, get optimum cloud computing capabilities, and manage or develop software applications quickly without worrying about setting up/managing the underlying infrastructure. With Azure's trusted and tried tools, deployment is swift, customized, and secure. Safety, scalability, and flexibility are exceptional. Needless to say, these go a long way in a startup system. Get the best value for your money and resources.

Benefits of Using Azure Consulting Services

High ROI Blue High ROI White

High ROI

Optimize costs and manage time better to get the best value from transformative processes like migration, development, and deployment for Azure practices.

Best Selection Blue Best Selection White

Best Selection

Choose from an array of options and functionalities – which are the best fit and most scalable solutions for your unique business needs.

Automate And Optimize Blue Automate And Optimize White

Automate and Optimize

Work seamlessly with different programming languages and operating systems with Azure. Our expert team helps you bolster functionality and capability across the board.

Consulting At Every Step Blue Consulting At Every Step White

Consulting at every step

Ensure stability and high performance and take full advantage of the Azure suite. Deploy tested strategies to minimize costs and glitches. Stay abreast with the latest cloud tech and IoT industry changes.

Utilize And Build Blue Utilize And Build White

Utilize and Build

Take advantage of native cloud security, scalability, and efficiency, as you not only enhance the benefits of your current applications but also build new applications and processes with Azure.

Flex And Flow Blue Flex And Flow White

Flex and Flow

Solve problems, multi-task, scale up or down, fit your business's size and needs, and choose from over 200 services and products – with the knowledge, skill, and expertise of a certified Azure Expert MSP.

Microsoft Azure Services FAQs

Microsoft Azure is a public cloud platform. In the words of its company, Azure offers limitless potential and unlimited possibilities. Microsoft states that this public cloud service allows organizations to innovate anywhere and create anything. With its pay-as-you-go pricing, Azure is a cost-effective and affordable platform that enables organizations to modernize and maximize their Cloud and On-premises investments. Azure offers exceptional security and flexibility. Get in touch with a certified and industry-experienced Azure Cloud consulting company like atQor to understand the full scope of this brilliant platform for your enterprise.

Azure consultants are equipped to plan, design and deploy Azure solutions handpicked for your special business requirements. They possess knowledge, expertise and skill to help organizations implement IT solutions, support competencies for everyday processes and maintain systems and IT functionalities on the Cloud. Azure offers Managed Services, where an enterprise can outsource its IT functions and Azure development, deployment and support to an MSP or Managed Services Partner. atQor is a certified MSP for Azure.  

No. Azure is a cloud-based solution. Its back-up stores 3 copies of any data in 3 different locations - within the data center. And, then it also stores three more copies of the same in a remote data center. Worrying about losing data doesn't make any sense with MS Azure.

Azure offers a mind-boggling array of services. Currently, it has a bouquet of 200 plus products and services – which extend to almost every area, size, scale, and nature of the enterprise. There are, however, 4 service categories offered by Azure. They are IaaS (infrastructure as a service), PaaS (Platform as a service), SaaS (Software as a service), and serverless functions. Regarding solutions, Azure provides a host of services, ranging from AI-backed App development, Analytics, Storage, Computing, Networking, DevOps, Migration, and more. You can visit https://azure.microsoft.com/en-in/products/ for more. Or, get in touch with atQor's Azure Team to choose the best for your specific business needs.

Azure offers unrivaled flexibility, superior security, and site recovery, along with advanced built-in integration. Its storage and development solutions are cost-effective and secure. Its fantastic ecosystem allows for the testing, development, and deployment of Cloud apps. It also offers multiple pathways and possibilities for developers to build new cloud services swiftly – with environments, tools, and building blocks.

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