Migrating to the cloud is not just about improving scalability and security. It’s also about improving your financial resilience by shifting from a traditional upfront expenditure to a more flexible pay-as-you-go model.

If your organization is looking to migrate to Azure to embark on its digital transformation journey, we offer fool-proof, zero* business downtime, focused and proven migration services – supported by Azure Managed Services capability. We support your on-premises Windows Server, SQL Server, legacy application workloads, Mission Critical Application migration/modernization, and all your virtualized server environments, whether in VMware, Citrix, or Hyper-V.


atQor has expertise around Microsoft Data Platform and SQL server as niche consulting services provider. We can help you migrate from databases to Microsoft Azure. We also support Legacy Application migration from your traditional hosting provider to a managed service provider such as Rackspace or other public cloud providers such as SAP, AWS, Google Cloud, Alibaba. Given our experience and expertise in Azure Cloud Migration, we understand the possible loopholes, restrictions etc. With proper risk analysis, thorough assessment, and planning, you can be assured of a safe and secure migration with the facility of on-demand post-migration premium managed services. Our team of certified Azure consultants also has experience in Windows Server and SQL Server Migration to Microsoft Azure – as they have worked to assist a variety of businesses and enterprises in USA, India, Singapore, Canada, Australia etc. 


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Types of Azure Migration Services

Database Migration 

In this type, one can transfer data from one database to another without affecting its data language or prototype. Moreover, it gets data security within the database without changing its structure.  


Storage Migration 

It’s a process to store and transfer data from a hard disk or cloud from one device to another. Our Azure migration team uses the simple data protection feature to experience a new format of this type.  


Application Migration 

When a vendor wants to transfer from one framework to another, a unique data model is used, ensuring the data is transferable between two tools and making a solid data transfer.  


Cloud Migration 

Moving to the cloud means less storage space needed, offers scalability, and is cost-effective. These properties will help users protect from data loss and can be accessed from any location.  


Our 6 Step Azure Migration Services Process

We Discover And Identify
Step 1

We discover and identify resources that need to be migrated at the source.

As Per The Initial Assessment
Step 2

As per the initial assessment, we design the cloud solution for the identified resources.

Prepare data for migration
Step 3

The migration plan preparation: The solution design mapped dependencies across applications and agree on the priorities of the resources to be migrated or remediated with the customer's business priorities in mind.

Our Remediation Team Assists
Step 4

Our remediation team assists with resolving mitigation issues and then migrate Apps/Data/Infrastructure/Security Rules and all necessary resources as designed in the migration plan.

Provide Overview Training Of Azure
Step 5

Provide overview training of Azure: Resource Management, Backups, Log Monitoring

We Provide Detailed Azure Subscription Documentation
Step 6

we provide detailed Azure subscription documentation, Post Migration support with our 24x7x365 SLA-driven services.

Why atQor for your azure migration needs?

atQor, a 2017 Microsoft Worldwide Data Platform Competency Award Finalist Microsoft Gold Partner with around Azure IaaS to Azure PaaS including SQL Server to Azure SQL Database, SQL Managed instance, SQL SSIS, Data Factory, SQL SSRS/Tableau to PowerBI, Data Warehouses to Cosmos DB, Azure SQL Database Tables to Data Lake and Azure Integration services expertise around Microsoft Logic Apps, Data Factory, API Manager Azure Functions, DevOps, and Key Vault ensure our customers are always in the good hand of experts they need to rely on.

Over 18+ Years Experience Over 18+ Years Experience White

Over 18+ years’ experience and proven track records with over 10 Microsoft Gold and 3 Silver Competencies.

Free Premium Microsoft Support Free Premium Microsoft Support White

Free Premium Microsoft support for escalation required.

With Practice Of Global Compliance With Practice Of Global Compliance White

With the practice of global compliance reporting for our customers for years, we understand your business compliance better than most of our peers.

120 Microsoft Certified Engineers 120 Microsoft Certified Engineers White

120+ Microsoft Certified Engineers

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider White

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider.

Regtech Experts Regulatory And Security Regtech Experts Regulatory And Security White

RegTech Experts: Regulatory and Security compliance experts with customers from BFSI, Manufacturing, Pharma to large media houses.

ISO 27000 9000 20000 Certified ISO 27000 9000 20000 Certified White

ISO 27000, 9000, 20000 certified and GDPR Compliant.

Get Benefit Of Our Free Migration Offer Get Benefit Of Our Free Migration Offer White

Get benefit of our *Free migration offer.

7 Times Microsoft Worldwide Partner Award 7 Times Microsoft Worldwide Partner Award White

7 times, Microsoft Worldwide Partner Award recognized, and many additional regional awards so far.

Azure Cloud Migration Services

Connect with our certified Microsoft Azure Expert MSP and bring high capabilities to your cloud computing practices. Let's add value to your operations securely and migrate through structured assessment.

Benefits of migrating to the Azure Cloud

By far, the fastest growing and highly admired Cloud platform, Microsoft Azure comes with over 200 solutions, driven to make your business future ready. So, does it make sense to migrate your data and operations to Azure Cloud. Well, yes – and here are the key benefits –

Cost Optimization Cost Optimization White

Cost Optimization and Savings

Pay as you go; pay for only what you use; reduce the heavy server, infrastructure, and personnel costs. More affordable; use Azure Hybrid benefit to combine Windows server and SQL server workloads.

Scalability Blue (1) Scalability White

Unmatched Scalability

Your business demands decide your Cloud scale. Azure Autoscale lets you dynamically scale to meet your dynamic business needs. Scale up or down your app requirements automatically or by setting custom-metrics.  

Access Files From Anywhere Access Files From Anywhere White

Facilitate Global Teams

Full cloud solutions let you and your teamwork, connect and execute complex processes remotely, any-time, anywhere. Scale up to add newer requirements and staff. VPN Gateway allows remote access.

Security Services Governance And Security Enhancements White

Enhanced Security

Unified security management and superior threat protection through Azure Security Center safeguards your business from cyber threats. Protect your cloud workload with Azure Defender. Monitor external data transfers with in-built DDOS protection.

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider White

Best-in-Class Cloud

Azure is an extremely agile and adaptive Cloud, and Microsoft invests heavily to ensure it is the most cutting-edge Cloud solution. Offers both IaaS and PaaS capabilities; is suitable for businesses of all kinds and sizes. Excellent controls and performance.

Hybrid Cloud Assessment Hybrid Cloud Assessment White

Other Features

Hybrid options, higher compatibility with most legacy softwares, features like Azure Logic Apps allow for building and integrating powerful digital workplace solutions. Also, your data is safe with Azure’s backup and disaster recovery solutions. 

Migrate securely and confidently to Azure Cloud with atQor    

Migration of your current systems and processes to the Cloud is a critical aspect of Digital Workplace Transformation. The complex, cost and effort intensive procedure needs safe, trustworthy hands. With atQor, you can be sure of finding a certified and well-trained Azure Migration specialist partner. You should move to Azure Cloud with atQor because 


It’s a transition of an organization’s IT landscape, this adds data center assets, backend infra, storage, network, platform, applications, and architecture. Moreover, get helps from our Azure consultant to increase the availability and reliability by allowing individuals to access data from anywhere.  

Users can use Azure monitoring to monitor application insights, log analytics, and security center with monitoring workloads. All you can do is use Azure alerts to notify issues, use Azure dashboards to create custom views and monitor continuously to ensure the plan is updated and validated.  

Few of the Azure Migration scenarios we offer services are disaster recovery, big data, and analytics, devops, application modernization, datacenter migration and hybrid cloud. 

The time vary on the complexity and functionality of the project. The approx. time might take weeks to months, but our Azure migration service provider team guarantees a well-timed projected delivery and maximum data security.  

Our Azure migration experts know how to add a well-defined strategy. This includes a modernization approach, smoother migration, and a well-managed service provider. At the same time, our migration plan adds database access, calculating total migration costs, and adding an inclusive migration plan.  

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