Research & Development (R&D) departments of the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Research industry have multiple essential tasks to perform accurately. Companies can adopt software to support them in achieving other approvals and management-related jobs.


The R&D management process includes gathering the project's requirements, designing a test plan, noting the test, organizing the test activities, and capturing the results. In operating all the mentioned activities, teamwork is required and in streamlining the process with advanced tech experience having software is a Good Idea.


Sample Test Management System (STMS) is one of the well-performing software for process management as an addition to your document management system (We have developed a digital document management system for your process ease named atQor Vault). This system can be used in the R&D division of any industry to manage the complete testing process in the laboratory


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With atQor's STMS, you can - create new Test Request online at a centralized and secured location, Auto-generate Test Report Number, Submit Test Analysis Report online, Review, Approve and Release Test Reports online (just in time), Get timely alerts for Report's status (receipt/analysis/release), quick search, and retrieve Report histories, with comments and attachments.

Get the best out of your R&D operations

81% White
of employees asked for mobile access for test management operations.
90% White
of employees review and collaborate on email.
88% White
of office workers cited the need for a dependable, unified platform that would help them do their jobs better.
95% White
of business information documentation is still paper based.


atQor’s STMS is available as a ready-to-go solution to meet industry needs for compliances, secured collaboration, and regulatory requirements for most industries.

Streamlines Document Creation Streamlines Document Creation White

Streamlines document creation, organization, and discovery process

Built In Sample Test Management And Workflow Built In Sample Test Management And Workflow White

Built-in sample test management and workflow (for editing, reviewing, approving, and publishing)

Access Files From Anywhere Access Files From Anywhere White

Access files from anywhere, on any device

Decreases Costs And Increases Efficiency Decreases Costs And Increases Efficiency White

Decreases costs and increases efficiency

Controlled And Improved Test Results Distribution Controlled And Improved Test Results Distribution White

Controlled and improved test results distribution

Task Reassignment If Somebody Task Reassignment If Somebody White

Task reassignment if somebody is on leave or holidays

Automatic Reminder To The Author Automatic Reminder To The Author White

Automatic reminder to the author at regular intervals for current sample test report status

Central Repositories Of All Reports Central Repositories Of All Reports White

Central repositories of all reports

Releasing Approved Reports Releasing Approved Reports White

Releasing approved reports for following cycle process

Find Any File In Seconds Find Any File In Seconds White

Find any file in seconds

Helps Protect Reports From Unauthorized Helps Protect Reports From Unauthorized White

Helps protect reports from unauthorized access or use

Document Printing With User Document Printing With User White

Document Printing with user control rights

Digital Signature For User Digital Signature For User White

Digital signature for user authentication

Audit Trail And Archive Capability Audit Trail And Archive Capability White

Audit trail and archive capability

Key Functionalities

In collaboration with Microsoft Technologies, atQor gives the best-in-class digital feature experience.

Process Management Process Management White

Process Management

  • Easy new Test Requests Creation
  • Configurable Workflow
  • Centralized Repository
  • Version Management
  • Personnel or Test Equipment-based Schedules Assembler
  • Requesting Professional’s Visibility for their specific tests
  • Analysis & Reporting

Data Management Data Management White

Data Management

  • Unique Dashboards for Various User’s Responsibilities
  • Templates, Older Tests, and much more Data Management
  • Digital Data Verification
  • User Friendly Cloud Storage
  • Automated Flaws and Calculative Error Detection
  • On-board Proofreader Comment Tracking
  • Centralized Document Control

Project Tracking & Security Project Tracking & Security White

Project Tracking & Security

  • View multiple projects and approval stages
  • Notification bar with a detailed breakdown of the status
  • Identify if the tasks are on time or behind schedule
  • User Authentication
  • Multi-level Consent Request Generation

User Management & Interface User Management & Interface White

User Management & Interface

  • Multiple level reporting
  • Administrator Control on Entire Workflow (users & permissions management)
  • Role Management and Primary Data Creation
  • User Interface Structure Mapping
  • Quicker Access of Tabs from Dashboard

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