atQor Vault - Document Management System is the Secured Enterprise Collaboration System for process-driven and regulated industries.

atQor Vault - Document Management System captures and manages the entire document life cycle, information flow, and processes within an organization with major industry or regulatory compliances adhered to. It helps organizations to be more productive and more secured in collaboration.

Using Electronic Document Management System (EDMS), you can store electronic documents at one centralized platform and track the complete lifecycle of the document starting from document creation till the final approval and archival with proper approval mechanism, versioning, and security.


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Why atQor Vault

Data Protection White
Control Over The Data

88%* of organizations feel that they are losing control over their data.

*According to EY Global Information Security Survey

Security White
Trust and Managing Security

Increasing trust and managing security is a struggle for many organizations

Check Lock White
Information Protection

The cost incurred for each lost or stolen record of sensitive data is now at $158*

* Ponemon Institute Cost of a Data Breach study

Parallel Workflow White
Workflow Process of Document

Approval is time consuming and need to do it by mail or in papers. No tracking of pending approval tasks of documents


atQor vault is available as a ready-to-go solution to meet industry needs for compliances, secured collaboration, and regulatory requirements for most industries.

Simplify Simplify White

Simplifies document creation, organization, and discovery for end user

Receiptapproved Receiptapproved White

Built-in document management and workflow(for editing, reviewing, approving and publishing)

Access File From Anywhere Access File From Anywhere White

Access files from anywhere, on any device

Cheap Cheap White

Decreases costs and increases efficiency

Cloudfolder Cloudfolder White

Controlled and improved document distribution

Taskassignment Taskassignment White

Task reassignment if somebody is on leave or holidays

Reminder Reminder White

Automatic reminder to the author at regular intervals for current document status

Central Central White

Central repositories of all documents

Approve Approve White

Releasing approved documents for next review/approval

Timesearch Timesearch White

Find any file in seconds

Setting Effective Date Setting Effective Date White

Setting Effective Date once document is approved by specific user only

Helps Protect Helps Protect White

Helps protect documents from unauthorized access or use

Document Control Document Control White (1)

Document Printing with user control rights

Digital Signature Digital Signature White

Digital signature for user authentication

Version History From Any Document Version History From Any Document White

Version history for any document

Audit Trail And Archive Audit Trail And Archive White

Audit trail and archive capability

Used in Industries

atQor Vault is used by customers since 2011 and although being a horizontal solution, it is available as a vertical-specific solution, such as atQor Vault for Pharmaceutical business, atQor Vault for Manufacturing, atQor Vault for BFSI, Govt Business, R & D organizations, etc.


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It will be on your Azure subscription or ready VM pre-configured in our environment, where it will have AD, SQL Server, and VM for SharePoint (any version 2013 TO 2019)

Technically yes, but it is most effective to run from Azure due to multiple services and roles preconfigured.


It will be the responsibility of your IT team or if the SLA is signed it will be managed by Bitscape.


Yes, we allow white labeling and corporate branding to match your corporate identity including naming the application to suit your internal product/project name.

limited customization available as add-on requirements needs to be communicated to us before rollout. Once rolled out, we can still support customization that does not affect the information architecture of Bitscape Vault.


However, it does have a specific industry version rollout that addresses industry vertical compliance and process requirements. (example, Pharma, Manufacturing, R&D, BFSI, Govt)

Bitscape Vault is built on top of SharePoint technologies as platform and can support and one can use existing SharePoint 2013, 2016 and 2019. however the preferred method of rollout is Azure VM with Bring on own license model.

If you have “Microsoft 365 E3” or above plan – SPO, it supports some of the features and processes, but not all functionalities are available.


We offer only Microsoft Azure-based offering for this product with bringing your license model.

As of today No. We do have a private preview for customers on request.

Standard support included for 1 year which includes any deployment and configuration support. Whereas additional advanced support requires a signed premium support agreement.


No, this runs using all Microsoft technologies and the proprietary framework of Bitscape Vault.

We have a use case scenario-based licensing model that closely meets your requirements. Please contact us.

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