Keeping track of all departmental tasks and the entire company's Human Resources (HR) data is a challenging but essential task for any HR executive.

Accuracy in documentation is the key to keeping employee data safe, and in support of that technology industry has developed many software solutions for HR professionals. Now any business can drastically improve the efficiency of the HR team to add Employee Satisfaction through one technological adoption and process advancement. Verifying, listing, tracking pending documentation, reminding, and many more tasks fall under routine functions of the HR professional, and doing it manually may consume more time.


atQor's Employee Onboarding-Offboarding software solution helps automate multiple HR management tasks, which helps save time so that the HR team can focus on other necessary employee experience increment, training, and development functions. It quickly enables the HR team to initiate the Onboarding and Offboarding process. This Employee Experience Solution can automate the Admin, IT, Finance, and Payroll team to act on the checklist.


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Employee Onboarding-Offboarding

With the integration of the Employee Onboarding-Offboarding software solution, you get a Better time-saving process, add more productive days in a week, active employee engagement features from the time notifying "You're Hired," self-service access portal that makes new joinee interaction easier, well-structured Onboarding- Offboarding system, and much more.

Get the best out of your HR Management

82 Of Company Leaders Plan To Allow Employees To Work Through
Good Employee Onboarding-Offboarding solution can Improve Retention by 82%
88% White (1)
Of Companies fail in well Onboarding-Offboarding
7D 2 White
Most Companies Only Focus on the First Week of Employee Onboarding-Offboarding
58% White (1)
Of Companies are Focused on Processes & Paperwork, Not the Engagement, Training, & More


atQor team will implement and integrate the business processes for you with advanced technologies. The specialty of our team is to build low-code solutions for your ease that use advantageous connectors and helps in directly connecting with multiple systems to minimize the implementation time and efforts. Drop us your query, and our experts will get back to you with a solution.

Automated Intro Exit Emails Automated Intro Exit Emails White

Automated Intro/Exit Emails

Easy Fill Forms Easy Fill Forms White

Easy-Fill Forms

Paperless, E Signature Enabled Processes Paperless, E Signature Enabled Processes White

Paperless, E-Signature-Enabled Processes

Personalized Portals Personalized Portals White

Personalized Portals

Employee Progress Tracking System Employee Progress Tracking System White

Employee Progress Tracking System

Payroll Integrations Payroll Integrations White

Payroll Integrations

Easy To Use Notifications Easy To Use Notifications White

Easy-to-Use Notifications

Deadlines Scheduler Deadlines Scheduler White

Deadlines Scheduler

Intuitive Dashboard Intuitive Dashboard White

Intuitive Dashboard

Centralized Employee Data Centralized Employee Data White

Centralized Employee Data

Employee Verification Requirements Employee Verification Requirements White

Employee Verification Requirements Checklist

Key Functionalities

In collaboration with Microsoft Technologies, atQor gives the best-in-class digital feature experience.

Optimized Self Service Portal Optimized Self Service Portal White

Optimized Self-Service Portal

  • Onboarding-Offboarding portals
  • Automated Notifications
  • E-Documentation & Forms Submission
  • Virtual Reporting and insights
  • Onboarding-Offboarding Checklists
  • Data Import and Export
  • Secure Accessibility
  • E-Interview Scheduler
  • Digital Document Verification
  • Additional Integrations Availability

Knowledge Management Knowledge Management White

Knowledge Management

  • Question-Answer Submission
  • FAQs Presence
  • Payroll Data Transmission
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Digital Information Sharing

Employee Interaction Tracking Employee Interaction Tracking White

Employee Interaction Tracking

  • Easy to Access Dashboard
  • Shortcuts for Announcements
  • Multi-Data Accessibility
  • Leave Management System
  • Document Submission & Transfers
  • Pay slip Downloads

Used in Industries

atQor provides a customization facility for every industry & designs the solutions considering individual requirements.


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