Employees may have to access multiple platforms to gather data or to perform internal tasks, but what if they get all the required support from one single window?

atQor's employee experience solutions digitally transform businesses’ workforce capital and boost operational performance. atQor offers various solutions to improve employee experience i.e. HRIS, e-Connect, Employee Executive Summary - HR Dashboard, HR Analytics - Dashboard & Reports, Onboarding - Offboarding Power Apps, Travel Request Power Apps, Out of Office Power Apps, and much more. Such solutions can be integrated with your existing Microsoft Teams or in Microsoft Viva.


The solutions entitle the enterprise to the intelligent platform that creates self-reliance and portability for well-performing employees. Digital governance and personnel management clarify the enterprises’ processes and leverage leaders with enlistment for their potential talent empowerment, help them to scale the business services and benefit with huge savings through AI and automation.


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The solutions allow employees to manage work schedules enthusiastically, give flexibility in managing work locations and help collect important data from various locations while out in the field. It creates accurate agility and visibility into the routine tasks of the smart gearhead workers. Our team has also integrated an intelligent HR application that will anchorage employee engagement with high-tech support availability and takes it to the next level. We deliver an advanced platform with automation, commendation, self-educating compliance, and automated workflows.

Get the best out of your resources

82% Of Company Leaders Plan To Allow Employees To Work Through

of Company Leaders Plan to Allow Employees to Work through unified platform some of the productive time

70% Percent Of Organizations Will Integrate AI

Percent of Organizations will Integrate AI to Assist Employees’ Productivity 

69% Of Routine Work Currently Done By Managers

of Routine Work Currently Done by Managers will Be Fully Automated by 2024

13% Of Employees Are Largely Satisfied

of Employees Are Largely Satisfied With Their Work Experiences

All you need to manage your tasks & resources’ talent; we deliver digital solutions.

A solution that efficiently analyzes your resources’ requirements.

Supreme Digital Platform Supreme Digital Platform White

Supreme digital platform

Skills Optimization System Skills Optimization System White

Skills optimization system

Time Presence Monitoring & Scheduling Time Presence Monitoring & Scheduling White

Time/presence monitoring & scheduling

Automation Automation White


Daily Hourly Daily Hourly White

Daily Summary

HR Info HR Info White

HR Info

Meeting Capture Meeting Capture White

Meeting Capture

Learn & Grow Learn & Grow White

Learn & Grow

Quick Chat Quick Chat White

Quick Chats

Timesheet Timesheet White


Upcoming Events Upcoming Events White

Upcoming Events

AI Built Chatbot AI Built Chatbot White

AI Built Chatbot

Time Zone Converter Time Zone Converter White

Time zone Converter

Important Mails Important Mails White

Important Mails

Key Functionalities

In collaboration with Microsoft Technologies, atQor gives the state-of-the-art feature experience

Task Assessment & Tracking Task Assessment & Tracking White

Task assessment & tracking

  • Field Service Optimization Survey
  • Tracking & monitoring team performance
  • Verifying performed tasks’ authenticity
  • Self-service opportunity enablement
  • Dashboard for multi-platform viewing
  • Acquire insight into team statuses
  • Profile escalation management

Self Guide Self Guide White

Self Guide

  • Multi-platform data fetching
  • Real-time meeting alerts
  • Priority task analysis
  • Manage various project schedules over a single window
  • Register, review & track internal queries
  • Schedule task reports generation & analysis
  • View ongoing projects
  • Connect with teams

Digital Data Management Digital Data Management White

Digital data management

  • Automated data file generation
  • Post reply/change tasks from Incident to problem
  • Search data automation
  • Requirement wise information searching & filtration
  • Data attachment display
  • Wide range of data integrations facility
  • Administrator Module
  • Flexible reporting, tracking, and problem resolution

Used in Industries

Get the most out of your technology investments for your organization using Employee Experience Solutions; atQor’s all solutions & services are designed to make everything around you more secure and effective. On a corporate level, we can look at how your business processes are being coded based on some best practices from industry partners like Microsoft.


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