Use Large Language Models along with Generative AI Use Cases

Azure Open AI offers a collaboration between Azure and Open AI, ultimately leading organizations in artificial intelligence. As a cloud platform, it helps data scientists and developers build and deploy AI models quickly. Azure OpenAI offers a REST API service that can access OpenAI's powerful language models. The models add GPT- 4, GPT – 35- Turbo, and other embedding model series. Create customize generative models by adapting AI models based on your specifications.


atQor, one of the Microsoft Solution Partner companies, deeply understands Azure OpenAI's power and uses a wide range of cutting-edge AI models to revolutionize all business operations, optimize tasks, and enhance customer experiences across all industries. With OpenAI integration, users can get a seamless experience and empower various businesses to harness the potential of their AI models by optimizing their operations and enhancing customer experiences. Our Azure developer uses the AI advanced model and offers a robust infrastructure, adding enhanced productivity and improved decision-making.


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Future Generative AI Business Trends with Azure OpenAI


Creating Content and Design  

Add visually appealing content and design using generative AI algorithms and process automation to reduce time and cost.   


Accelerated Automation 

Give your employer automated support and help them improve their working style at reduced cost using generative AI automation. 


Service Innovation 

To stay updated in your business, properly investigate, and make changes based on competitive market demand.  


Natural Language Processing 

Get real–time and accurate information by using generative AI and communicating better for your business growth.  


Chatbots and Virtual Assistants 

Add intelligent solutions to your system and enhance your customer experience by improving your team's efficiency.  


Cyber Security and Fraud Detection 

Today's businesses must safeguard their data, prevent fraud, and protect digital assets using OpenAI analytics patterns.  


Predictive Analysis 

The business needs to identify the patterns and leverage generative algorithms to get accurate predictions and make informed decisions for business efficiency.

Azure OpenAI Services

Simplified Integration White
Simplified Integration

For endpoints, an easy-to-use API is used to carry on different tasks, including text generation, sentiment analysis, summarization, language translation, and more. 

Community Support White
Community Support

Azure has an active community to help and share user experiences using support channels and forums where developers can get answers to their queries.   

Most Customization Capabilities White
Most Customization Capabilities

Azure developers provide fine-tuned pre-trained models which require minimal code and come with an opportunity to create specialized and personalized AI apps. 

Tools To Implement Responsible AI White
Tools to implement Responsible AI

Promote responsible AI to provide governance features, inclusion support, tools, and other collaboration support. Our Azure consultant team ensures your AI models are unbiased. 

Scalability And Reliability White
Scalability and Reliability

It is one of the best Azure services to provide reliable and robust scalability where developers leverage to deploy AI applications with confidence without worrying about infrastructure. 

Pre Trained Models White
Pre-trained Models

If you have already fine-tuned your data, then using pre-trained models helps developers to leverage AI power without training models from scratch. 

Documentation And Resources White
Documentation and Resources

Using Azure Open AI services, use comprehensive resources and documentation services to support developers to start quickly using code samples and other tutorials. 

Azure OpenAI Key Concepts

Exploring Examples Of Prompt Completion Blue Exploring Examples Of Prompt Completion White

Exploring examples of Prompt Completion

With Azure OpenAI, customers can get excellent security capabilities and use completion endpoint components with API services. Here the user requires to provide an input prompt, and later, the model will generate a text completion. Some features include summarizing an article, developing product name ideas, classifying text, and using natural language in SQL.

Azure Openai Tokens Blue Azure Openai Tokens White

Azure OpenAI Tokens

Manage Your Deployments And Models Blue Manage Your Deployments And Models White

Manage your deployments and models

Once the resource is created, they can deploy a model by making API calls and later generating text. This kind of API allows specifying models and includes components like experimenting with prompt completion, customizing a model with fine-tuning, managing deployments in your resource, and managing performance results.

Azure Resource Management Blue Azure Resource Management White

Azure Resource Management

Azure's new product Azure OpenAI can be used the same way as other Azure products. Using this, one can create a resource or service instance and add to it the Azure subscription. It has a resource management layer that enables users to create, update, and delete resources. To learn about the resource, read the documentation, explore the quick start guide, and can use Microsoft Q&A.

Azure AI Studio With Chat Playground Blue Azure AI Studio With Chat Playground White

Azure AI Studio with Chat Playground

Our Azure consultant can use Azure OpenAI services by using Chat Playground. Also, use the intuitive no-code environment where users can experiment, generate, and iterate completion based on the prompts. Moreover, the chat playground comes with an easy-to-use interface which helps to get seamless integration.

Azure OpenAI Support Services

We will help you create an application that can easily understand human language and possess generative AI capabilities. With Azure OpenAI support services, users can generate different outputs based on learning architecture, neural networks, and massive training datasets. Few of our services are listed here. 

Enterprise-Ready Azure OpenAI Solutions

One can generate content and search through structured and unstructured documentation by extracting information with cognitive search. 

The feature helps enterprises use new personalization methods, evaluate customer satisfaction, and conduct analysis using GPT models.

Get real-time summary with automatic response recommendation, speech-to-text, and text classification and summarization and generate document translation.

Cognitive search with OpenAI makes a safe environment to share information. Moreover, the industry can extract documents or notes in bullet format by using Azure OpenAI services.

Use Azure OpenAI chat to look for the right question, identify the customer segment, and use cognitive search to create occupational product data.

Users can efficiently resolve hyper-personalized summaries by generating campaigns and creating advertisements with the help of OpenAI and get better outcomes.

OpenAI creates list-based articles that allow developers to generate high-quality text based on keywords. With this, make the tagline based on input data.

Users need to create a mechanism for identifying fraudulent transactions, detection, and fraud resolution. With Azure openAI, analyze the sentiment effectively.

Predict the churn by checking the collected historical data and using it from various data sources. Use the product recommendation for users by adding Azure OpenAI Services.

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