Harness the AI Revolution by accelerating modern Microsoft Data and AI consulting solutions.

Companies use Data and AI to transform their business into modern works. We at atQor offer the best AI consulting services and solutions to support businesses achieve more. Add scalable artificial intelligence solutions and make faster decisions with transparency and trustworthiness. Our AI consultant implements the right strategy and technology to maintain your business speed, cost, and quality. Create the best AI-driven products by modernizing your data and analytics and using next-generation cloud-enabled platforms. 


Let's make AI work the best for your business. With decades of experience, our AI consulting service providers gain intuitive knowledge to help collaborate, innovate, and grow globally. Choose one of the leading Microsoft Data and AI consulting services companies to future-proof your business by enabling competitive advantage.  


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What businesses get with AI and Microsoft AI Partner?


Risk and Fraud


AI algorithms adapt to the effective changes where users analyze massive real-time data and conduct investigation analysis. These algorithms work as a supplement to detect fraud and provide solutions to make users experience smoother. 


Predictive Maintenance


Streamline operations with real-time AI data prediction and forecast the future with better asset management. With Microsoft AI Partner, users can bridge their business gap, improve their workforce productivity to make targeted investments. 


Customer Service


AI is a tool that enables automated responses to help customer enhance their experience by improving agent efficiency, making proactive recommendations, and delivering personalized support. Create powerful AI workflow with us and keep growing. 


Retail Personalization


Get ready to personalize your retail customer experience with AI and provide your customers with accurate data. Connecting with Microsoft AI partner companies allows for analyzing customer data and tailoring personalized experiences accordingly. 

Comprehensive Data and AI Consulting Solutions

Advanced Analytics White
Advanced Analytics 

Analyze the business data by adding machine, statistics, process automation, and various predictive processing techniques with Advanced Analytics. With limitless analytics solutions, get a comprehensive and modernized suite. Use interactive data exploration to make automated decisions. 

Data Modernization White
Data Modernization

Use the holistic data strategy, migrate your data, and build new data products with data modernization. Our AI consulting team supports unlocking the value of data and AI by automating the workflow and modernizing the data fabric.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning White
Artificial Intelligence

Create intelligent applications using simple and customized models to modernize your business process quickly. Build your own Azure AI solutions explicitly designed based on your latest AI products. It includes Microsoft Fabric, Azure Machine Learning, and Azure App Service.

Data Governance White
Data Governance 

Manage, protect, and gain excellent insights from your data by leveraging AI and data governance. As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, our team uses data governance solutions to improve data quality and offer smooth integration.

Customer Analytics White
Customer Analytics

Give a brand experience to your customers by using data intelligence and enterprise analytics tools. As a Microsoft Solution Partner, our experts use solutions like creating interaction analytics, discovering deep insights, and identifying the areas that prevent future issues.

Internet Of Thingsinternet Of Things White
Internet of Things

By using scalable IoT analytics, customers can use tools and analytics that help them bring better business outcomes. We use innovative IoT analytics platforms to provide comprehensive solutions and add technical capabilities to make them available for AI usage.

Why atQor for Microsoft Data and AI Consulting Services?

To Get The Data Powered Benefits Blue To Get The Data Powered Benefits White

To Get the Data-Powered Benefits: Connect with AI-powered service providers and get fast, scalable, and sustainable data-powered businesses based on your industry. 

To Transform Your Organization Blue To Transform Your Organization White

To Transform Your Organization: Engaging better with clients can help add all functions and quickly build new services and products. 

To Accelerate Your Industry Blue To Accelerate Your Industry White

To Accelerate Your Industry: Empower your business, enable change, increase efficiency, automate processes, and connect with customers with the AI revolution. 

Azure Open AI Services

Use Large Language Models along with Generative AI Use Cases

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Microsoft Fabric Consulting

At atQor, we understand the pivotal role technology plays in transforming businеssеs and driving innovation with our dеdicatеd focus on Microsoft Fabric Solutions and Consulting Sеrvicеs. Wе еmpowеr organizations to harnеss thе full potential of Microsoft tеchnologiеs, еnabling sеamlеss digital еxpеriеncеs and unparallеlеd еfficiеncy.

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Driving Excellence with Microsoft AI Capabilities

Innovative AI Workflows Blue Innovative AI Workflows White

Innovative AI workflows

It's one of Microsoft's strategies to enable scalabilities to build copilot and achieve more with AI. As a Microsoft partner, we add high-quality content within an existing workflow using AI strategy and bring innovation to your business.

Simplify Service With Chatbots Blue Simplify Service With Chatbots White

Simplify Service with Chatbots

With AI chatbots, user can collect their valuable customer data, understand their pain points, improve marketing strategies, and make informed decisions to provide the best customer experience.

Adding Collabration Blue Adding Collabration White

Adding Collaboration

Using AI collaboration solutions, one can improve predictive maintenance, accelerate customer value, and bring an excellent AI-based solution based on your business requirements. Collaborate to simplify your business customer support.

Conversational AI Blue Conversational AI White

Conversational AI

It's a language that combines natural language processing, machine learning, and foundation models to train large amounts of data, including text and speech. Add solutions like customer engagement, business scalability, and more.

Generative AI Blue Generative AI White

Generative AI

Gain intuitive technologies by partnering with a proven Microsoft service provider and future-proof your business. As an Artificial Intelligence consultant, we support unlocking sustainable business value and empower your organization.

Industries We Serve

The world is becoming extremely intelligent by adding AI to master the data and empower their organization. With 20+ years of experience as a Microsoft solution partner company, we provide excellent Microsoft data and AI consulting services to provide accurate and precise data resolution and serve countries like India, the US, and Canada.


One can solve business problems faster by adding positive impacts across your business. A few of the solutions you get are listed here, 

  • Innovative products and services faster. 
  • Improve customer experience.  
  • Maximize the value of data assets. 
  • Reduce the repetitive tasks. 
  • Make informed decisions. 
  • Improve efficiency by reducing human error.

Azure Data and AI solution architecture is designed to provide the best customer experience while making easier decisions. Some components are Azure SQL Database, Azure Storage, Azure Data Factory, Azure Key Vault, Synapse, Data Lake, Power BI, IoT Hub, Purview, Stream Analytics, and Fabric.

Our Artificial Intelligence consultants plan, create, and implement effective solutions based on your business usage, including virtual agents, chatbots, and cognitive services. Several businesses can benefit from AI as they can make their business more intelligent and make cloud-driven decisions easier.

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