Create Innovative AI Solutions and smarter your business with our Microsoft Copilot Consulting services. 

Microsoft is all set to put Copilot everywhere as it has integrated various tools, including Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Teams, Whiteboard, Loop, etc. Microsoft has expanded even more by integrating Copilot to SharePoint, Power Platform, Dynamics 365, Windows, and more. These integrations are the future and will highly impact the upcoming generations. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to start using Microsoft AI and get assistance to focus more on results by adding a new skill set.


Microsoft AI is here to stay, and as a Microsoft Solution Partner, we help your business prepare for Microsoft Copilot. Our Microsoft Copilot consultant helps to determine how Microsoft AI is the best fit for your business and how it brings opportunities to leverage Microsoft’s AI functionality across organizations. Using our Copilot consulting service, our experts guide you to adopt AI-powered technology more smoothly.

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atQor Supports your Microsoft Copilot Consulting Needs Across Tools

Microsoft 365 Copilot White
Microsoft 365 Copilot

Microsoft 365 copilot works with Microsoft 365 applications such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Teams, Outlook, and more by using the different language models and Microsoft graphs to convert the user input into required content.

Microsoft Viva Sales Copilot White
Microsoft Viva Sales Copilot

Increase productivity by adding a Microsoft sales copilot to boost sales and efficiency throughout the project journey. Sales copilot offers a feature such as auto-generating summary within Dynamics 365.

Dynamics 365 Copilot White
Dynamics 365 Copilot

Revolutionize the agent experience using Dynamics 365 Copilot. Connect with the Copilot consulting service provider and get real-time assistance with faster issue resolution and automated task generation. Use D365 Copilot to deliver high-quality service.

Bing Chat Enterprise White
Bing Chat Enterprise

It works as an AI-powered feature for chat, which comes with excellent data protection for organizations. Get a preview of AI on Bing and the Microsoft Edge browser. This feature is available with Windows Copilot and is eligible for enterprise customers.

Microsoft Security Copilot White
Microsoft Security Copilot

Get answers quickly, perform threat-hunting tasks, generate detailed reports, and get immediate guidance for incident remediation with Microsoft security copilot. Microsoft AI is designed to assist and guide security analysts and not to replace them.

Github Copilot White
GitHub Copilot

It comes with an AI-powered model and is known for its AI pair programming, as it helps to code faster in less time. Also, it’s trained for public use and turns the natural language into coding suggestions. The extension is used for Visual Studio, JetBrains, and other IDEs.

Power Platform Copilot White
Power Platform Copilot

Use Microsoft Power platform copilot to help developers develop an app through AI. Create an innovative solution by using cutting-edge AI technology to generate code and text-based content for professional sites.

Windows Copilot White
Windows Copilot

Microsoft has started a new Windows 11 AI assistance in the Windows Insider Dev channel. Windows Copilot is used in Bing Chat and Microsoft Edge, where the chat is based on UI within Windows features. Keep your data protected and summarize content with Windows copilot. 

Essential Benefits One Gets by Using Microsoft Copilot Consulting

At atQor, we offer a comprehensive Microsoft Copilot Consulting service to help organizations leverage the benefits of utilizing AI-powered technologies. With this, we assist businesses in providing customization, integration, and aligning the Copilot into their tools.

Automated Task Blue Automated Task White

Automated Task

With Copilot, automate everyday tasks and eliminate time consumption by adding intelligent code suggestions and auto-completion. Accelerate the coding process by reducing manual efforts.

Microsoft Excel Blue Microsoft Excel White

Microsoft Excel

Copilot in Excel is designed for customers to be more productive in creating sensible spreadsheets. It helps in financial budgeting, modelling, debugging, and providing significant suggestions.

Personalized Suggestions Blue Personalized Suggestions White

Personalized Suggestions

Copilot is a personalized learning partner who analyzes your work pattern and provides recommended suggestions. Connect with Copilot consultants and make informed decisions.

To Generate Content Blue To Generate Content White

To Generate Content

With generative AI assistant, create content across all collaborative applications and save time while enhancing productivity. Write a topic on your integrated AI bot and make it with Copilot.

Microsoft Teams Blue Microsoft Teams White

Microsoft Teams

Add intelligent suggestions and automated workflows, streamline communication, and optimize teamwork by adding Microsoft Copilot for Teams. Enable Copilot to get real-time summaries.

Draft Emails, Create Docs, & Generate Code Blue Draft Emails, Create Docs, & Generate Code White

Draft Emails, Create Docs, & Generate Code

Copilot sends and composes email messages with Microsoft based on your input and other searched queries. Create better documentation, review it, and make necessary changes before delivery.

Industries We Serve

Get ready to harness the power of generative AI by adding Microsoft Copilot to your business. Automate and simplify your tasks across all verticals as we are a leading Microsoft consulting service provider helping users provide intelligent solutions. With 20+ years of experience in providing consulting services, we have served clients across India, the US, and Canada.


Microsoft Copilot is a copilot and not an autopilot. It’s an AI-powered coding assistant offered by Microsoft. It can potentially analyze millions of code lines from different open sources so users can learn from them. It uses advanced machine learning models and provides intelligent suggestions to code and create a contextual document integrated by IDEs.

Copilot helps to aid users so they can spend less time on routine work and get 2x times the outcome. Artificial intelligence assists us in reducing the research time and providing the information wisely with an understanding of the limitations and potential biases. Connect with Microsoft Copilot consulting service provider and integrate it into your business to give your audience vast programming knowledge.

  • Microsoft brings AI-powered assistance with Copilot, working as a platform to implement Windows apps, Office 365, and other Azure Services.


  • Azure AI studio to empower your business and build an AI-powered copilot by using its tools and various machine learning models.


  • Integrate Bing into ChatGPT to get access to world-class information and retrieve information by September 2021.


  • Unveil the Microsoft Fabric designed to pull data and help users leverage natural language processing by deriving information from it.


  • Recently, with the announcement of the Copilot stack, users can improve extensibility, which supports developers to build their own Copilot.  

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