eConnect: Collaborate, Empower & Be Resilient

Friday, 29 October 2021 04:00

Collaborate with your departments with the seamless Employee Experience Solution and Empower your workforce with a Resilient & top-notch digital engagement technology.

In the present hyper-associated, progressively complex world there is obvious proof that our always-on mode is unsustainable – for professionals and for business. Connect with us on a webinar where we have a productivity empowerment solution for you. With this, you can balance work, bridge knowledge base, share learnings, and keep the teams engaged.

COVID-19 has shifted the vision of businesses from onboarding to online presence. The pandemic era is one of the difficult times for businesses. The unexpected & quick switch to a fully remote working model in the rouse of Covid-19 has been proved the hard situation, even for those who support their employees sometimes working from home in special cases. Technology departments have had to give surety of each employee having a secure & connected device they can work remotely with access to all tools and applications they need for connections.

When as a Company, we realized the need for a better business intelligence engine to improve productivity for a decentralized workforce, we spearheaded an initiative that saw the implementation of Business Applications coupled with Microsoft Teams. Our solution addresses this uniquely by offering a seamless Employee Experience even if you have fragmented applications and technologies.

eConnect Features You’ll explore in Webinar:


  • AI Built Chatbot
  • Daily Summary
  • HR-Info
  • Learn & Grow
  • Meeting Capture
  • Time zone Converter
  • My Recent Documents
  • Important Mails
  • Timesheet
  • Upcoming Events




  • Spend more time on what makes you competitive.
  • Less time on the routine administrative tasks.
  • Add competent and loyal technology by your side.
  • Become more productive & multitask.
  • Have assistance you need to reach your business goals.

atQor’s experienced engineers are exploring the technology to enhance app features and integrate more functionalities.