Market leader in Suretybond processing migrates to Azure for security and reliability of services

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Deployment Country:
Used Product/Service:
Microsoft Azure
Migration Type:
Rehost Windows and SQL server from on-premise
Company Size:
11-50 employees
Project Timeline:
October 2020

Client’s Business Overview

A market leader in surety bond processing since 1999 in the United States migrates to Microsoft Azure to improve security and reliability.

The US-based market leader for surety bond processing organization with its web-based surety bond solution enables clients, brokers/agents, obligees, and carriers to manage bond requirements efficiently. The application digitally connects the world of surety by enabling seamless communication among and between obligees, principals, and sureties.

Move to the cloud at scale.

The application was built on a legacy platform of Windows 2008 and SQL 2008 and running on client-server on-premise architecture, which needed a scalable, and seamless move to newer technologies. Due to increasing demand improving productivity while delivering the best to customers, the organization decided to adopt modern technology and decided to move applications, servers, and databases to Microsoft Azure.

This was a migration from On-Premises to Microsoft Azure Cloud Implementation with required architectural changes and newer technology-based scalable delivery to all their customers. The customer began a process to evaluate the cost-benefit of various platforms and the most effective way of unifying its existing tools. atQor’s expertise and required pre-assessment helped them determine that migrating to Azure is the right fit for their needs.

With the help of atQor advisory and expertise around azure data, platform offering customer found real value and reason to move existing running SQL Server, to Azure SQL Managed Instance which offered the fullest database compatibility. With SQL Managed Instance, the customer remains assured that the managed SQL instance is always up to date, with minimal IT team attention including they do not have to worry about updates and upgrades. Not only did Azure meet Customer requirements for its SQL Server workload to save costs but the lift-and-shift to Azure went seamlessly, and the company experienced minimal downtime using Azure Database Migration Service to support the fast, easy migration of SQL Server and MySQL workloads.

Fast migration, easy maintenance

The company completed the migration quickly with proven Migration methodology from atQor and with very minimal downtime and nearly zero downtime to customer-facing services. The company runs a lean development team that supported and managed all aspects of its data, and in the past, the team found it challenging to use disparate tools and perform support tasks while constantly training staff to stay up to date with technology. The move helped the company to plan future applications rebuilding scalability-based architecture without worrying about transition period service delivery experience for their end customers.