Delivering tasks on time shows professionalism in any organization but planning the task schedule is difficult for any project.

The timesheet system is a digital platform that eases task scheduling duty with features like planning, tracking, monitoring, approving, rejecting & canceling the tasks on hierarchy. Every department can deliver high-quality tasks on time if they start scheduling the project digitally.


Digital transformation makes task scheduling fast & easy with time management flexibility. Real-time tracking helps the department in evaluating the team performance and an integrated timesheet with ERP software connects team members via the internet. Organizations can integrate the schedule with emails to get notifications & alerts of deadlines. Departmental teams get equipped with self-control on tasks with automated reminders, approval flow, and managerial access. 


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Timesheet System

Such an approach towards digitalization adds cost-effectiveness to the project as the system helps with a customizable dashboard that generates employee & resource task reports. With the analytical functionality of the system, managers can compute the timeframe of a project through which budgeting becomes seamless with margins & profit calculation facility. In terms of security, our system is well designed with hashed passwords, daily/weekly/monthly backups, restrictive secure server accesses, and audit trails.

Get the best out of your management

50% Faster In Budget Calculation

50% faster in budget calculation

2X Your Operational Efficiencies

2X your operational efficiencies

80% Quicker In Performance Analysis

80% quicker in performance analysis

15+ Hours Saved A Week On CRM Operations

5+ hours saved a week on task management


All you need to manage your tasks & schedule we deliver digital solutions. A solution that efficiently analyzes your operational ability & team performance.

Modern Digital System Modern Digital System White

Modern digital system

Task Work Management System Task Work Management System White

Task/work management system

Optimization & Analysis System Optimization & Analysis System White

Optimization & analysis system

Priority Task Alert Priority Task Alert White

Priority task alert

Multi Management Approvals Multi Management Approvals White

Multi-management approvals

Performance Monitoring Performance Monitoring White

Performance monitoring

Automation Automation White


Email Integration Email Integration White

Email Integration

Key Functionalities

In collaboration with Microsoft Technologies, atQor gives the ultra-modern feature experience

Task Management Platform Task Management Platform White

Task management platform

  • Generating requirements, allocating tasks, or requesting approvals
  • Virtually checking or monitoring the project progress
  • Dashboard for analysis
  • Email/Message notifications integration on requests, approvals, and cancellations of task
  • Escalation Management

Scheduling Scheduling White


  • Time tracking and time billing
  • Real-time allocation
  • Priority analysis
  • Manage all project schedules over the web and mobile apps
  • Schedule the tasks according to the priorities
  • Schedule Reports generation & analysis

Digital Data Management Digital Data Management White

Digital data management

  • Automated email generation
  • Sending emails to internal teams relate to raised concern
  • Post reply/change tasks/change projects from Incident to problem
  • Billing automation
  • Quoting & invoicing
  • Data attachment display
  • Wide range of integrations facility
  • Administrator Module
  • Flexible reporting, tracking, and problem resolution

Performance Evaluation Performance Evaluation White

Performance evaluation

  • Reporting on sales performance, finances, & budgeting
  • Team performance monitoring
  • Employee productivity evaluation
  • Independent surveying
  • Effective information & transparency tracking

Used in Industries

atQor provides a customization facility for every industry & designs the solutions considering individual requirements.


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