Now in this digital age, generate revenue from analyzed and priorly reviewed sales data and get a depth idea of consumer insights in no time.

Sales of any product are complex until it is correctly presented to the consumers. Before selling any product, knowing about consumers' needs is a crucial task for any professional. To make the process more effective, analyzing consumers' buying behavior is the best practice to follow. Nowadays, technology has overtaken such tasks, and with data analytics knowing consumer insights has become so easy. 


The analytical software helps in discovering insights through the analyses of multiple data sources, designing process or POAs (Plan of Actions) considering the generated insights, delivering the short- & long-term insights-driven growth generation, managing customer-lifecycle, pricing, and promotions management, assortment optimization and so on. Adopting such technology or software improves marketing & sales efficiency, retains the customers, improves profit margins, migrates the profitable segments of the business, adds customer profitability, and much more to the process.


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Sales Analytics and Consumer Consumption Insights

atQor's Sales Analytics and Consumer Consumption Insight software solution are designed to enhance professionals' sales effectiveness through consumer consumption insights segmentations to decide and achieve the targets. It helps the sales team and the management team to quickly inspect their predefined targets' effectiveness in a futuristic way professionally. It also saves time for data analyses to focus more on gaining actionable insights, i.e., customer behavior considering annual time combinations. The sales and consumer consumption dashboard ensures that you get high-quality and real-time data with meaningful recommendation transformations for present and future situations.

Get the best out of your analytics & Insights

94 White
94% of enterprises say data and analytics are important to their business growth and digital transformation
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65% of global enterprises plan to increase their analytics spending
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47% of enterprises’ analytics platforms are cloud-based today, up from 39% in 2018
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58% of frontline employees get access to the data and analytics


atQor’s Sales Analytics and Consumer Consumption Insight is a well-structured ready-to-use solution to meet corporate needs for sales analytic data processing & consumer insights gathering.

Company Business Views Across All Insights Company Business Views Across All Insights White

Company business views across all Insights

Automated AI Recommendations Automated AI Recommendations White

Automated AI recommendations

Automated Rules And Tag AI Engine Automated Rules And Tag AI Engine White

Automated Rules & Tag AI engine

Analytics Powered By Power BI Embedded Analytics Powered By Power BI Embedded White

Analytics powered by Power BI Embedded

Daily And Hourly Refreshes Of Data Daily And Hourly Refreshes Of Data White

Daily and hourly refreshes of data

100 Existing Reports 100 Existing Reports White

100+ existing reports

Multi Tenant And Multi Role Multi Tenant And Multi Role White

Multi-tenant and Multi-Role

Governance And Security Enhancements Governance And Security Enhancements White

Governance and Security enhancements

Further Actionable Insights Further Actionable Insights White

Further Actionable Insights

Key Functionalities

In collaboration with Microsoft Technologies, atQor gives the best-in-class digital feature experience

Sales Analysis Sales Analysis White

Sales Analysis

  • Sales Performance Insight
  • Sales Growth Insight
  • Distributors Insight
  • Distributor Performance Insight
  • Geographical Product Sales Insight

Consumer Insights Analysis Consumer Insights Analysis White

Consumer Insights Analysis

  • Consumer Consumption Insight
  • Automated Workflows Designing
  • Top 10 Performing
  • Geographical Product Demand Insight
  • Profitability Examination 

Data Mangement Data Mangement White

Data Management

  • Unique Dashboards for Various User’s
  • Templates, Older Requests, and much more Data Management
  • Digital Data Verification
  • User-Friendly Cloud Storage
  • Automated Flaws and Calculative Management
  • Centralized Data Control

Used in Industries

atQor's solution gives industry-specific customization facilities to manage their sales, finances, and consumer insights considering advanced customer experience assurance.

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