Keeping track of the common area of the premise is an additional task for every department and to ease that task room reservation system is been invented.

A system that provides total control of shared locations of your office premise through which every department can track the reserved time slot & manage their meetings accordingly. By streamlining the reservation, enterprises can manage their facilities & equipment virtually.


The room reservation system solution adds extra hands for booking, approving, invoicing, and billing operations across enterprises & enhances operational efficiency. Conference rooms, assembly halls, corporate spaces, auditoriums, sports or expensive tech equipment, training facilities, & much more can be booked & managed through the system seamlessly.


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With the elimination of hassled scheduling activities, departments can focus on other areas of the operations & add profitability to the enterprise. The system is customizable for individual requirements so if users want to add extra facilities like inviting visitors from outside or inside, getting the conference room cleaned before & after meeting, order F&B for refreshment, & so on.

Earn more from your Reservation System

70% Faster

70% faster in generating reservations

3X Your Operational

3X your operational efficiencies

50% Quicker

50% quicker in responding to rooms management

7 Hours Saved

7 hours saved a week on operations admin tasks


All you need to manage your operations we deliver digital solutions. Solutions that enhance your operational efficiency in fewer efforts & high productivity.

Advanced Digital System Advanced Digital System White

Advanced digital system

Event Management System Event Management System White

Event management system

Food & Beverages Food & Beverages White

Food & Beverages refreshment

Cleaning & Sanitation Alert Cleaning & Sanitation Alert White

Cleaning & Sanitation alert

Equipment Reservation System Equipment Reservation System White

Equipment reservation system

Automation Automation White


Invoicing & Payments Invoicing & Payments White

Invoicing & Payments

Email Integration Email Integration White

Email Integration

Key Functionalities

In collaboration with Microsoft Technologies, atQor gives the best-in-class digital feature experience

Premise Reservation Premise Reservation White

Premise Reservation

  • Generating, approving & rejecting booking requests
  • Virtually checking floor plans – using a graphical interface
  • Confirm, reject, suggestion the required facilities
  • Email/Message notifications integration on requests, approvals, and cancellations

Resource & Equipment Management Resource & Equipment Management White

Resource & Equipment management

  • Viewing resource & equipment availability online
  • Re-allocate, cancel, block/extend bookings
  • Utilization analysis
  • Manage all bookings over the web and mobile apps
  • Schedule the resource/equipment requirements

Digital Team Engagement Digital Team Engagement White

Digital team engagement

  • Automated invite generation
  • Sending Invitations to internal & external meeting attendees
  • Early registration of external meeting attendees with HR management
  • Resource & Premise availability calendars display
  • Manage all engagements over the web and mobile apps

Service order processing Service order processing (1)

F&B ordering & invoicing

  • Scheduling refreshments for meetings with serving teams
  • Facility listing
  • Billing & invoicing the reservations & cancellations
  • Inventory management for requested facilities
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Manage all orders over the web and mobile apps

Cleaning Management Cleaning Management White

Cleaning management

  • Generate or cancel cleaning request
  • Inventory management for requested facilities
  • Scheduling automated cleaning activities with clean-up team before and after use
  • Manage all tasks over the web and mobile apps

Used in Industries

atQor provides a customization facility for every industry & designs the solutions considering individual requirements.


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