To support the citizens of the country and to ease the fund management of the US government to assist households suffering from financial issues in the COVID-19 pandemic atQor has developed an ERAP software solution for state and local agencies to manage emergency rental assistance programs.

One software for all locations and multiple agencies to manage applications of thousands to millions of citizens.


  • Landlord & Tenant portals
  • Case management
  • Application authentication
  • Fraud protection & management
  • Responsibility based security check-points
  • Dashboard for agencies to check the status of applications
  • Process monitoring chart for case officer
  • Month wise account creation list for reporting


Payment distribution Rent consolation simplifies and modernizes the process of request registration & receiving financial assistance for tenants and landlords from the government. United States of America has taken a well-administered decision to manage the government treasury and has availed a $25 billion budget to assist households suffering from financial crisis & are unable to pay rent as well as utilities due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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Landlord Claim and Case Management Portal

The economic impact of coronavirus has ravaged communities across the nation and has had a serious impact on state and local government leaving many residents at risk of eviction. States and agencies can perform administrative tasks with real-time visibility and can manage the approval processes with accurate reporting.


atQor’s ERAP solution for government customers offers eligible government agencies to go live with an initial claim portal and case management within 7 days and it also ensures the state/county/city can release the assistance funds to eligible households or landlords. The solution also provides reports to help the agency to send a regular update to the treasury department for transparency on spend and grants disbursed. atQor’s ERAP Solution is powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform for landlord claim process and staff to evaluate the claim process. The cost-effective robust solution is well within the quick procurement limit at most counties, city, or state agencies.

Get live with your ERAP assistance to eligible household and landlord in a week


U.S. DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY Launches $25 Billion Emergency Rental Assistance Program

In U.S. Territories, Local Governments White

In U.S. Territories, local governments with more than 200,000 residents will directly be provided funds

An Eligible Household Is Defined As A Renter White

An “eligible household” is defined as a renter household that has a household income at or below 80 percent of the area median and in which at least one or more individuals living in the household


atQor’s ERAP software is available as a ready-to-go solution to meet government needs for requirement gathering, application accepting, reviewing, approving, and administrating with compliances, secured collaboration, & regulatory to support all needy tenants/landlords financially. Let’s manage available funds for your jurisdiction together through digital transformation.

Transparency Transparency White


Check Funds Availability, Disbursement Check Funds Availability, Disbursement White

Check funds availability, disbursement, and process status

Application Tracking, Eligibility Verification Application Tracking, Eligibility Verification White

Application tracking, eligibility verification, and authentication touchpoints for tenants/landlords

Touchpoints Tracking And Outcomes Touchpoints Tracking And Outcomes White

Touchpoints tracking and outcomes reporting

Virtual Web And Mobile Application Processing Virtual Web And Mobile Application Processing White


Virtual Web And Mobile Application Virtual Web And Mobile Application White

Virtual web and mobile application processing

Authorize Various Administrative Agencies Authorize Various Administrative Agencies White

Authorize various administrative agencies to support tenants

Administrators Quick Training To Ease Administrators Quick Training To Ease White

Administrator’s quick training to ease faster scaling

Accountability Accountability White


Processed Applications Assurance And Appropriate Processed Applications Assurance And Appropriate White

Processed applications assurance and appropriate fund disbursement surety

Send And View Reports To Oversight Send And View Reports To Oversight White

Send and view reports to oversight agencies for auditing

Detect And Act On Fraud Prior Detect And Act On Fraud Prior White

Detect and act on fraud prior to the payment transaction

Cloud Based Software Cloud Based Software White

Cloud-Based Software

With A Cloud Based System, Eliminate With A Cloud Based System, Eliminate White

With a cloud-based system, eliminate the requirements of IT infrastructure updates

Permit Administrators To Respond Permit Administrators To Respond White

Permit administrators to respond quickly

Audit And Review With Reporting And Analytics Audit And Review With Reporting And Analytics White

Audit and review with reporting and analytics

Reporting Dashboard For Real Time Reporting Dashboard For Real Time White

Reporting dashboard for real-time monitoring

Account Creation Forecasting Panel Account Creation Forecasting Panel White

Account creation forecasting panel with graph display

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Let our Landlord Rental Assistance Portal solution powered by Microsoft cloud, help your government agency in disbursing the fund to affected and eligible households and landlords quickly. Get in touch with atQor today to arrange the demonstration or get in touch with your Microsoft Account Manager to request a demo with Partner atQor.


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