Attending every query & responding to them can be time-consuming but it can be managed with an automated system that saves time & responds faster than usual if small queries or basic questions have been asked.

The Knowledge Management System (KMS) is a tech-based ticketing framework that helps in managing in-house & external documentation organization, collaboration, answering the FAQs (frequently asked questions), or operating other easily accessible information into various formats through automation. The solution is attentive to support the clients and service ticket management of the organization’s in-house queries and effective monitoring of Multi-Level Agreements in a crisp manner.

The digitalized elementary, multi-administrative requirement & error documenting tool automates the entire support lifecycle with features like online query request generation, attachments, description of query/question/suggestion, setting internal & external query resolution priorities, tracking & monitoring the communications & associations, manage documents of the ticket, analysis, response/approvals, and much more as per your requirements.


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Knowledge Management System

The system is visually captivating, the UI / UX is intuitive and MIS reporting adds digital hands to administrations. Such transformation helps to perform an in-depth issue analysis and compliance tracking. It has an integrated emailing feature that notifies the respective teams; one can generate a ticket and receive or send an email to the admins with a pre-defined ID along with sending out an email notification to all concerned members.

Get the best out of your KMS

75% Faster In Query Resolution

75% faster in query resolution

5X Your Support Operations

5X your support operations

90% Millennials Follow Such Digital Responding Systems

90% of millennials follow such digital responding systems

15+ Hours Saved A Week On CRM Operations

15+ hours saved a week on CRM operations


All you need to manage your CRM we deliver digital solutions. A solution that resolves your in-house & client queries in marginal efforts & delivers a highly satisfying customer experience.

Advanced Digital System Advanced Digital System White

Advanced digital system

Complaint Management System Complaint Management System White

Complaint management system

Suggestions Delivering System Suggestions Delivering System White

Suggestions delivering system

Priority Alert Priority Alert White

Priority alert

Multi Level Approvals & Notifications Multi Level Approvals & Notifications White

Multi-level approvals & notifications

Multilingual Knowledge Management Multilingual Knowledge Management White

Multilingual knowledge management

Automation Automation White


Email Integration Email Integration White

Email Integration

Key Functionalities

In collaboration with Microsoft Technologies, atQor gives the best-in-class digital feature experience

Easy Ticketing Easy Ticketing White

Easy Ticketing

  • Team/Shared Inbox
  • Auto ticket assigning to the right agent
  • Discuss and share ownership of tickets to deliver the best solutions
  • Streamline replies with optimized efforts
  • Integrate multiple apps to extend capabilities
  • Easy SLA adherence
  • Analyze the performance & get the best insights

Self Service Support Channel Self Service Support Channel White

Self-service support channel

  • AI-based chatbot for instant and precise answers
  • Digital widgets available on the website, mobile app, or even chat
  • Auto solution suggester with pop-up settings
  • Email/Message notifications integration on suggestions, requests, approvals, and cancellations
  • User dashboard for real-time monitoring

Data Security & Analytics Data Security & Analytics White

Data security & analytics

  • Customized SSL certificate generation
  • Authentications & access management
  • IP and Network restrictions
  • Priority analysis & report curation
  • User satisfaction ratings
  • Analytical report scheduling
  • Widget personalization

Administration Administration White


  • Portal customization
  • Tailored agent task allocation
  • Custom ticket forms, Apps & URLs
  • Re-allocate, cancel, block/extend the tickets
  • Priority analysis
  • Manage all tickets over the web and mobile apps
  • Schedule the tasks according to the priorities
  • Various Reports Including Analysis

Virtual Team Engagement & Productivity Increment Virtual Team Engagement & Productivity Increment White

Virtual team engagement & productivity increment

  • Automated ticket dispatching & email generation
  • Acute ticket assignment
  • Time-Schedule & deadline triggered automation
  • Ticket management calendars display
  • Automated multi-action event-activation
  • Ticket Wise Communication
  • Administrator Module & email notifications
  • Flexible reporting, tracking, and problem resolutions

Workforce Efficiency Development Workforce Efficiency Development White

Workforce efficiency development

  • Create service tasks for tickets
  • Make service groups of field technicians
  • Solution defining task scheduling
  • Mobile field service allocation
  • Time & location tracking
  • Customer’s digital agreement
  • Senior-junior ticketing for complex & multi-stage issue resolution

Used in Industries

atQor provides a customization facility for every industry & designs the solutions considering individual requirements.


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