Gathering daily reports & attendance data of individual workforce is a routine task for the HR management team and performing it manually causes mismanagement of data sometimes.

The Human Resources Information System (HRIS) is a web-based platform that performs HR management-related tasks through automation. It inherits the data of each resource once they log-in, log-out, or enter the descriptions on the cloud or in their system.


HRIS is also a talent management system enhancing the process of driving candidates to the enterprise workforce. Advancement in your HR management can fetch data from social web for recruitment process & our solution gives you access to over millions of profiles. Accompanying its patent-pending search technology, your HR team can quickly discover hard-to-find profiles of candidates as the top candidates can easily be culled from the pile with a single click of a button.


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The system helps in managing payroll, administrative benefits calculation, real-time performance review, attendance & time tracking, team hierarchy planning, quarterly/half-yearly/yearly reporting, and much more. Our solution is focused on collecting & storing all your HR data in one place with customized service to aid your operations with betterment, faster performance, & security. With our digital presence in your HR management, you will see major time and budget savings.

Get the best out of your management

70% Quicker In Payout Calculation

70% quicker in payout calculation

4X Your Recruitment

4X your recruitment efficiencies

80% Quicker In Performance Analysis

80% quicker in attendance analysis

10+ Hours Saved A Week

10+ hours saved a week on resource management


All you need to manage your recruitment, time & attendance we deliver digital solutions. A solution that efficiently analyzes your resource ability & team performance.

Supreme Digital System Supreme Digital System White

Supreme digital system

Recruitment Task Management System Recruitment Task Management System White

Recruitment task management system

Performance, Time & Attendance Performance, Time & Attendance White

Performance, time & attendance optimization system

Payroll Management Payroll Management White

Payroll management

Multi Management Approvals Multi Management Approvals White

Multi-management approvals

Time Presence Monitoring Time Presence Monitoring White

Time/presence monitoring

Automation Automation White


Email Integration Email Integration White

Email Integration

Key Functionalities

In collaboration with Microsoft Technologies, atQor gives the state-of-the-art feature experience

Time Tracking Platform Time Tracking Platform White

Time tracking platform

  • Tracking & monitoring task performance time
  • Verifying employee working hours
  • Virtually checking or monitoring the shifts
  • Dashboard for analysis
  • Change of shift approval, request, or update
  • Shift-Time escalation management
  • Event notifications

Recruitment Scheduling Recruitment Scheduling White

Recruitment Scheduling

  • Interview scheduling
  • Real-time meeting allocation
  • Priority candidature analysis
  • Manage all hiring project schedules over the web and mobile apps
  • Multi-platform candidate data fetching
  • Schedule the interviews according to the departmental priorities
  • Schedule Reports generation & analysis
  • View ongoing vacancies
  • Refer employees

Digital Data & Payroll Management Digital Data & Payroll Management White

Digital data & payroll management

  • Automated email generation
  • Sending emails to internal teams relate to raised concern
  • Post reply/change tasks from Incident to problem
  • Payroll automation
  • Pay stubs & invoice generation
  • Data attachment display
  • Wide range of data integrations facility
  • Administrator Module
  • Assign shifts and deliver associated policies
  • Flexible reporting, tracking, and problem resolution

Attendance Evaluation Attendance Evaluation White

Attendance evaluation

  • Record real-time attendance
  • Team presence management
  • Employee productivity evaluation
  • Attendance consolidated reports
  • Screen recording for attendance monitoring
  • GPS attendance
  • Capture attendance through server (biometric, RFID or barcode scanning)
  • Request attendance from Mobile app
  • View attendance info

Leave Management Leave Management White

Leave Management

  • Continuous absence alerts
  • Create multiple leave types
  • The request leaves from the web or mobile app
  • Customize configure leave policies
  • View, Add or request a holiday list
  • Publish regional or location-based lists
  • Add restricted/optional holidays
  • Grant leaves automatically
  • Automate leave lapsing, carry-forward & encashment

Used in Industries

atQor provides a customization facility for every industry & designs the solutions considering individual requirements.


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