Attending every inquiry & responding to each query can consume time but it can be saved if small queries or basic inquiries can be self-managed.

The Helpdesk System is a digital ticketing framework that helps in managing internal collaboration or request approval tasks through automation. The solution is focused on support and service ticket management of the enterprise’s in-house queries and effective monitoring of Multi-Level Agreements in a crisp manner.

The automated straightforward, multi-administrative requirement & error documenting tool digitalize the entire support lifecycle of the ticket with features like online ticket generation, attachments, description of task/query/question/suggestion, setting priorities, tracking & monitoring the communications, manage documents of the ticket, analysis & approvals, and much more as per your requirements.


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The system is visually captivating, the UI / UX is intuitive and MIS reporting/dashboards allow admins to perform an in-depth issue analysis and compliance tracking. It carries an integrated emailing feature and one can a generate ticket and receive & send an email to the respective admin with a pre-defined ID along with sending out an email notification to all concerned.

Get the best out of your management

30% Faster In User Query Resolution

30% faster in user query resolution

2X Your Operational Efficiencies

2X your operational efficiencies

50% Quicker In Responding To Comments

50% quicker in responding to inquiries

10+ Hours Saved A Week

10+ hours saved a week on front-desk operations


All you need to manage your operations we deliver digital solutions. A solution that resolves your operational queries in fewer efforts & delivers high productivity.

Advanced Digital System Advanced Digital System White

Advanced digital system

Complaint Management System Complaint Management System White

Complaint management system

Suggestions Delivering System Suggestions Delivering System White

Suggestions delivering system

Priority Alert Priority Alert White

Priority alert

Multi Level Approvals & Notifications Multi Level Approvals & Notifications White

Multi-level approvals

Equipment Reservation System Equipment Reservation System White

Equipment reservation/requirement generation

Automation Automation White


Email Integration Email Integration White

Email Integration

Key Functionalities

In collaboration with Microsoft Technologies, atQor gives the best-in-class digital feature experience

Self Service Platform Self Service Platform White

Self-service platform

  • Generating complaint, suggestion, or inquiry tickets
  • Virtually checking or monitoring the progress
  • Dashboard for analysis
  • Email/Message notifications integration on requests, approvals, and cancellations
  • Issue Management (Post New / edit / delete / copy)
  • Escalation Management

Administration Administration White


  • Viewing resource or equipment request, complaint, or requirements
  • Re-allocate, cancel, block/extend the tickets
  • Priority analysis
  • Manage all tickets over the web and mobile apps
  • Schedule the tasks according to the priorities
  • Various Reports Including Analysis

Digital Team Engagement Digital Team Engagement White

Digital team engagement

  • Automated email generation
  • Sending emails to internal teams relate to raised concern
  • Post Reply / Change Status / Change Ticket Type from Incident to Problem or Change
  • Ticket management calendars display
  • Manage all engagements over the web and mobile apps
  • Ticket Wise Communication
  • Administrator Module
  • Flexible reporting, tracking, and problem

Used in Industries

atQor provides a customization facility for every industry & designs the solutions considering individual requirements.


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