Monitoring the process of product packaging manually is time-consuming and for a successful business spending, much time in monitoring can affect productivity.

In support of final packaging production, the Artwork Approval System solution can add values with streamlined packaging design and workflow with the presence of accountability and structure to the process. For the operations like complex packaging, such automated artwork solutions’ configuration can enable real-time collaboration and optimization in workflow processes throughout the product lifecycle.


A well-designed, eye-catching, organized & remarkable packaging can aid in attracting buyers & entice them to select the product with superior packaging than a commonly packaged product. The automation boosts the packaging process & designs the workflow to build a brand reputation as the way your package is displayed on the shelf or the website or an e-commerce site, can make the difference in the purchase decision.

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Artwork System

Earn more from your artwork

100% Comprehensive Workflow

100% comprehensive workflow

3X Your Packaging Lifecycle

3X your packaging lifecycle

50% Quicker In Responding To Comments

50% quicker in responding to comments & e-mail notification

15+ Departmental Authentication & Approvals

15+ departmental authentication & approvals


All you need to manage your packaging operations we deliver automated solutions. Solutions that enhance your operational efficiency with fewer efforts.

Advanced Digital System Advanced Digital System White

Advanced digital system

Packaging Flow Management System Packaging Flow Management System White

Packaging flow management system

Mutual User Interface For All Departments Mutual User Interface For All Departments White

Mutual user interface for all departments

Admin System Configuration Admin System Configuration White

Admin system configuration

Robust And Customizable Workflow Engine Robust And Customizable Workflow Engine White

Robust and customizable workflow engine

Automation Automation White


Invoicing & Unique Code Generation Invoicing & Unique Code Generation White

Invoicing & unique code generation

Email Integration Email Integration White

Email Integration

Key Functionalities

In collaboration with Microsoft Technologies, atQor gives the best-in-class automated feature experience

Lifecycle Management Lifecycle Management White

Lifecycle Management

  • Configurable workflow
  • Automated differences detection
  • On-board proofreader comment tracking
  • Centralized artwork repository
  • Version management
  • Audit trail of all job works

Project Tracking & Security Project Tracking & Security White

Project Tracking & security

  • View multiple projects and artwork approval stages
  • Get notifications with a detailed breakdown of the status
  • Identify if the tasks are on time or behind schedule
  • User authentication
  • Multi-level consent request generation
  • Create MIS reports, the sort with products, users, agencies, status & much more

Digital Reporting Digital Reporting White

Digital Reporting

  • Automated invite generation
  • Sending Invitations to internal & external reporters
  • Reminders & escalations
  • Resource performance analysis
  • Process monitoring calendar
  • Workflow approval
  • Collaboration & Proofing
  • Status maintenance of each artwork

User Management & Interface User Management & Interface White

User Management & Interface

  • Multiple level reporting
  • Administrator control on entire workflow (users & permissions management)
  • Role management and primary data creation
  • User interface structure mapping
  • Modification of tabs with collapsible feature
  • Sort the tab content as per users’ need
  • Quicker access of tabs from the dashboard

Used in Industries

atQor provides a customization facility for every industry & designs the solutions considering individual requirements.


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