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As per Zendesk’s Report on CX Trends 2023, 30% of agents who participated in the survey said they could not reliably access customer data, which resulted in decreased productivity and delays in providing timely resolutions to customers. This is where Copilot for Service, with its AI customer support, can help improve customer service quality. atQor amplifies the effects by providing advanced AI support tools like virtual customer service assistants and AI-driven service excellence. It makes the most of the AI-enhanced support solutions to organize customer communications. This results in decreased response times, leading the customer service agents with intelligent customer assistance.  

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Customer service teams can enhance their productivity, deliver first-rate Service, and improve overall customer satisfaction with the help of the advanced AI support tools of Copilot. The AI-driven Service Excellence by Copilot allows customer service agents with automated ticket routing, smart case suggestions, and prompt knowledge base help. This is your chance to ensure that your customer service productivity reaches the pinnacle of success with Copilot Customer Engagement, which is an essential component of well-rounded service copilot solutions of atQor.  

AI-Powered Service Copilot Solutions

Smart Chatbot Solutions White
Smart Chatbot Solutions

Copilot for Service uses Virtual Customer Service Assistant in the form of AI-driven chatbots to provide intelligent customer assistance.

Custom Built Customer Communications White
Custom-Built Customer Communications

The Copilot for the Service Desk performs automated service enhancements to personalize communication solutions to make customer communications more effective and individualized. 

Well Organized Ticket Administration White
Well-organized Ticket Administration

With the help of advanced AI support tools, Copilot in Customer Support provides effective administration and structuring of customer support tickets for optimal operations.  

Farsighted Problem Solving White
Farsighted Problem Solving

Copilot in Customer Support consists of AI-powered algorithms that help in anticipating and resolving the problems of customers with a farsighted vision. 

Opinion Mining And Complaint Handling White
Opinion Mining and Complaint Handling

Copilot for Service Desk provides intelligent customer assistance by providing priceless information from the opinions received from the customers and efficiently handling their complaints. 

Impeccable Integration White
Impeccable Integration

Copilot in Customer Support improves customer service efficiency by impeccably integrating with your prevailing workflows and customer support systems.  

Benefits of AI-Enhanced Support Solutions

Evaluating The Needs Of Your Customer Support Blue Evaluating The Needs Of Your Customer Support White

Copilot in Customer Support: Customer service agents can enjoy these benefits when their companies integrate

Enhanced Productivity Blue Enhanced Productivity White

Enhanced Productivity : Copilot in Customer Support uses advanced AI support tools to organize workflows and allows customer service agents to handle more customer concerns confidently.

24X7 Learning And Enhancement Blue 24X7 Learning And Enhancement White

24x7 Learning and Enhancement: The Copilot for the service desk performs automated service enhancements to learn and enhance its skillset continuously. This allows agents to provide the most up-to-date data to their customers.

Swifter Issue Resolutions Blue Swifter Issue Resolutions White

Swifter Issue Resolutions : Copilot’s AI customer support algorithms help agents in swifter problem recognition, thereby decreasing the customer cooling-off period.

Uniform And Precise Responses Blue Uniform And Precise Responses White

Uniform and Precise Responses:With the help of Copilot’s customer interaction automation feature, agents can provide logical and precise answers, thereby maintaining exceptional communication with customers.

Round The Clock Availability Blue Round The Clock Availability White

Round-the-Clock Availability : The virtual customer service assistant feature in Copilot for Service helps agents provide support round-the-clock. This makes sure that the requirements of the customers are being addressed quickly and effectively.

Lessened Work Rate Blue Lessened Work Rate White

Lessened Work Rate: With the help of Copilot’s intelligent customer assistance feature helps agents to mechanize mundane activities. This frees up their time that can be dealt with to resolve intricate problems faced by customers.

Enhances Customer Loyalty Blue Enhances Customer Loyalty White

Enhances Customer Loyalty: Service Copilot Solutions helps in delivering AI-powered support that helps agents deliver effective and individualized support, resulting in the fulfillment of customers’ needs. This helps in making them become your loyal customers.

How Copilot in Customer Support Works? 


Let us now see how the integration of Copilot in Customer Support works: 


Evaluating the Needs of Your Customer Support 


Every business has its own set of objectives when it comes to customer service. Hence, it is imperative to understand where your customer support services need a helping hand. It can be CSAT scores or even ticket handling. 


Opting for the Appropriate Copilot Solution 


Once the requirements of your customer support are understood, it is time to determine the level of mechanization required. To make a final decision, check the amount of intricate problems raised by customers. This will help you decide on the proficiency of Copilot you need to opt for.  


Collect and Streamline Your Customer Data 


Next, it is time to collect and organize your customer data in the form of historical support tickets, customer feedback received, and a list of customer communications. This data can come in handy in training the Copilot for Customer Service. 


Imparting Training to the AI Models 


Impart training to the AI models by providing information on successful case studies and examples of the way you want customer communication to take place. 


Personalize and Adjust 


If you wish to personalize and adjust the AI model, you can do that according to the expected response times. Using this data, virtual customer service assistance can provide valuable information to the agents that prove to be decisive for issue resolution. 


Blend with Prevailing Customer Support Systems


The next step is to blend the AI model with the existing customer support models like CRM, ticketing platforms, and knowledge bases.  


Perform a Pilot Test and Evaluate the Performance 


Once the AI model has been blended with the AI model, it is time to perform a pilot test to check its performance in terms of customer service. Also, observe the KPIs like response time, CSAT scores of the agents, and ticket resolution rate. 


Execute and Assess the Results 


If you are happy with the pilot test, install Copilot for all your customer service needs and see how it affects your KPIs. 

Features of Service Copilot Solutions

Here are some of the salient features of Service Copilot solutions that can help customer agent services overcome major challenges in their day-to-day work lives.  

Smart Virtual Customer Service Assistants Blue Smart Virtual Customer Service Assistants White

Smart Virtual Customer Service Assistants

Copilot’s virtual customer service assistant feature comprises cutting-edge NLP proficiencies. This helps agents to provide individualized and hands-on customer support which results in proper handling of queries. 


Natural Language Comprehension Blue Natural Language Comprehension White

Natural Language Comprehension

Copilot in Customer Support uses advanced AI algorithms to comprehend and decode queries of customers in speech communication. This helps agents to provide precise and context-sensitive answers to customers.  


Intelligent Call Routing And Ticket Administration Blue Intelligent Call Routing And Ticket Administration White

Intelligent Call Routing and Ticket Administration

Intelligent call routing and ticket administration algorithms of Copilot smartly delegate queries of the customers to the most suitable agents based on their proficiency and accessibility.

Instantaneous Sentiment Analysis Blue Instantaneous Sentiment Analysis White

Instantaneous Sentiment Analysis

AI-enhanced support solutions of Copilot consist of sentiment analysis algorithms that scrutinize the sentiments of customers in real-time. This helps agents to understand the customers’ psyche and respond accordingly. 


Integration Of Knowledge Base Blue Integration Of Knowledge Base Whiite

Integration of Knowledge Base

Copilot in Customer Support impeccably integrates with knowledge bases. This allows customer support agents to swiftly provide the most up-to-date information to resolve the customers’ concerns.  


Mechanized Service Suggestions Blue Mechanized Service Suggestions White

Mechanized Service Suggestions

Copilot for Service Desk uses ML proficiencies to recommend mechanized service improvements and actions that can prove to be decisive for customer service agents in proving their mantle.  


Omnichannel Support Blue Omnichannel Support White

Omnichannel Support

Copilot’s advanced AI support tools allow customer service agents to provide omnichannel support across different communication channels. This makes sure that customers receive consistent service across all channels of support.  


Reporting, Analysis, And Predictive Analysis Blue Reporting, Analysis, And Predictive Analysis White

Analytics and Reporting

Copilot Customer Engagement metrics help in understanding the analytics of each customer interaction with the customer service agent. This helps the agent to keep track of their performance. 

Our Working Mechanism

Copilot enhances customer service with advanced software, streamlining workflows, and ensuring seamless interactions for unparalleled efficiency and satisfaction.

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