Zero Trust Security: A Vital Game for MS Teams Collaboration

Thursday, 27 January 2022 04:00

Today, data security is an imperative concern for any business. With the rise of cloud computing platforms, information and resources are vulnerably floating around. They are pretty much prone to security threats and malicious attacks. This has been the reason that modern firms and enterprises are widely looking for an ultimate security solution and eternal compliance behavior that could facilitate a zero breach in norms, credentials, policies, and stipulations.

What is Azure Zero Trust Security Model?

Azure Zero Trust Security Model is one such capable framework that incorporates a consistent verification format by defying the default accessibility of resources. It reckons on the notion that every data within the infrastructure bandwidth of the company is unsafe, and an individual trying to get access must go through a strong and invariable verification procedure. 

"NEVER TRUST, ALWAYS VERIFY" is something that this security stimulation deals with.

Why Does Microsoft Teams Require Security?

MS Teams is a part of the Office 365 solution that brings on the chat-based collaboration to support meetings, conferences, notes, messages, attachments under one platform hosted on Microsoft and the Non-Microsoft version.

Reasons to secure MS Team Collaboration:

  • Make the meetings streamlined, agile, and more efficient.
  • Store the conversation and files in a centralized chat-based location.
  • The omnipresent and seamless accessibility makes the data vulnerable.
  • Wide integration with multiple applications makes the resources open to malicious attackers.
  • A broad authority has access to a set of information that must be protected by any means.
  • It's important to secure the Bot Ecosystem that forms an integral part of customer satisfaction.  

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