Redefine, Explore Digital Innovations, & Rethink Hybrid

Thursday, 23 December 2021 04:00

atQor, The Prominent Gold Partner of Microsoft, has been conducting exemplary webinars for the past couple of months.

Being a frontline leader to deliver an exceptional software solution, These events have been a relentless attempt to create awareness in regards to trending technologies and customized services that could empower the marketplace with competitive advantages and higher return of investment. 

On 23rd Dec '21, We came up with a similar event to reinforce your frontline workforce and make you understand the need for modern technology integration with Microsoft Teams.

  • How to streamline and leverage the frontline workforce? What innovation can you bring to enhance the technology used for operational success?
  • How to adopt the hybrid work environment to make a seismic movement towards a better future?

All these doubts would be cleared on the occasion of this event. 

A common objective for frontline employees from this webinar:

  • Connected work environment 
  • Flip manual into digital
  • Boost onboarding process 
  • Device empowerment 
  • Protect the enterprise 


Why Attend the Event?

The knowledge of technology and its empowerment is never solo research. Understanding the specification of the integrated software solution is what you have to focus on. An in-depth analytical session along with constant questioning opportunities unfolds the length and breadth of the required solution.

Being a Gold Partner of Microsoft, atQor unravels every answer to the question!

With the present industrial movement that is keeping abreast of the market's trending technologies, your company mustn't lack the operational advantages of Microsoft Teams. 

We aim to deliver such integrated excellence with ease.