atQor is recognized by Techreviewer as one of the Top Software Development companies in the United States

Monday, 14 February 2022

Techreviewer is excited to announce that atQor has made its way onto the list of Top Software Development Companies in USA in 2022. Techreviewer is impressed with atQor’s services that are offered and the fine and knowledgeable team they employ to do those services. Not only do they offer exceptional services at affordable rates, but they also have unbelievable customer reviews.


atQor has been able to build an outstanding brand that consumers look for when looking for Software development services which they accredit to their vast knowledge of the field and their expert workers. They also have an astonishing reputation accredited to their many glowing 5-star reviews. The company plans to continue to grow their brand and their reputation and get many more highly skilled workers on their force, they also expect to be winning a slew of awards in the future for their company.


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