atQor has got listed as the Top Software Development Companies in Los Angeles by

Monday, 03 January 2022

atQor is proud to announce that it has got listed in theTop Software Development Companies in Los Angeles by 


Why trust the verdict of Expertise? 


With 1 million monthly visitors seeking quality support for a better operational experience, gives an easy find out of top authentic professionals across the major cities of the United States. 


The track record of empowering over 10 million companies with a revenue generation of $200M to date defines its competency to rate the top software development companies. 


Eligibility criteria in the Selection Procedure of 


  • Reputation of the company 
  • Qualification in regards to licensing, accreditations, and awards 
  • Experience and tenurity of the enterprise 
  • Customers and client engagement 
  • Degree of professionalism and value to customers 


How does atQor make its way in the list? 


A company with more than 500 business clients, atQor helped customers to connect with excellent IT experts, software resources, and customized solutions for more than 2 decades. A US-based multi-level company that holds a broad bandwidth of technology consulting, app development, automation, and project management services for small scale to top-notch companies to attain a digitally transformative operational goal on the verge of Industry 4.0. 


Our software solution deliveries are Document Management System, Intranet In A Box, Room Reservation System, Timesheet, HRIS, Artwork System, Employee Experience Solution, and many more. These exceptional solutions have helped countless clients and customers in Manufacturing, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Tourism, Hospitality, and  Education achieve their business niche. 


A tailor-made approach to deliver these solutions has made atQor a proud Gold Partner of Microsoft with millions of happy customers. 


With high-end technologies like PowerApp, PowerBI, Microsoft365, SharePoint, Azure, and many more, it has given secured and compliant support to online and offline industries at diverse marketplaces. 


These phenomenal services have driven to list atQor in 10% premium software development bodies among 200 plus other competitors across Loss Angeles.