Boom! atQor has triumph new Achievement...! We are declared as “Top 20 Microsoft technology solutions provider in 2022”

Monday, 20 June 2022

Enterprise viewpoint graded atQor among the top 20 Microsoft technology solutions providers in 2022 in support of providing top-notch quality solutions in such cut-throat competition. 

The enterprise viewpoint proclaims, that atQor provides unique solutions for virtually any customer and serve business of any size. Additionally, they assert that atQor is a dedicated Microsoft partner that can help customers navigate digital transformation, provide recurring solutions, and earn awards for increasing customer value.

atQor is a prominent award-winning technology solutions and services provider partnered with Microsoft that provides organizations with best-in-class digital and cloud-enabling services, business intelligence, and solid infrastructure architecture. Client-friendly and technologically robust solutions have been produced by well-trained teams and highly experienced executives -----

atQor has developed a strong brand that people seek out when looking for Microsoft Technologies consulting services, which they attribute to their extensive industry knowledge and skilled employees. They also have an enviable reputation, as evidenced by their numerous 5-star ratings. The company intends to continue to build its brand and reputation, as well as hire a large number of highly skilled employees. They also anticipate winning a slew of accolades in the future.


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