Grab the opportunity to connect with atQor Management at Microsoft Inspire 2018

Wednesday, 11 July 2018
With Microsoft’s largest, most exciting, and most happening event Inspire being just a couple of days away, the bosses of all the IT giants from around the globe are on their way to Las Vegas to gain their insights on what’s next from Microsoft.

The event that hosts the entire partner community for Microsoft which includes more than 25000 organizations including atQor – a multiyear Microsoft Worldwide Award winner partner and being represented by its top management including Mr. Rinkesh Arora – Vice PresidentGreg K – COO, and Mr. Kartik Shah – CEO – is a great platform provided by Microsoft to its partners who get to interact, know other partners across borders and also helps the community strengthen their internal ties with other members along with their connection with Microsoft. This is also an opportunity to work closely or get connected to atQor to see how in FY19 of Microsoft, you can leverage collaboration with team atQor. It is probably your only chance to have one on one meeting for a strategic tie-up with all key decision-maker of atQor at one place.   

Also, it is for the first unique time ever that the event is paired up with Microsoft Ready which is Microsoft’s annual employee conference being attended by 21000 Microsoft employees, including global employees and US subsidiary employees – being held around the same time in Las Vegas. If you are a Microsoft team member and want to plan your FY19 with atQor for any of your strategic accounts, this is your time to grab a bear with one of the atQor management team for the commitment of all atQor resources working with you in your account or plan for their co-sell ready offerings. atQor is helping customers on all four priority areas of Microsoft FY19.
Discussing everything from technical know-how, latest updates, and customer-centric ideas, this conference is one of the best opportunities that Microsoft gives to its entire partner community to come together under one huge roof and bring along everything that they can connect on.

With an event filled with fun, food, and entertainment apart from the serious talks and brainstorming, Microsoft Inspire is going to be one conference that all the IT bosses in the world look forward to.