atQor is Charter Member and Preferred Partner for M365 Business Applications

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

With additions to the list of services and products that Microsoft brings every year, there is also an addition to their list of preferred partners with their Microsoft 365 Business Applications Partner programs. These partners expand the customer base for their client through multi-pronged efforts by not only helping the clientele pertain to their common and miscellaneous business process requirements but at the same time encourage the adoption of the newly launched Microsoft platforms and services such as MS Teams, SharePoint, PowerApps, PowerBI, MS Flow and many others.

These partners spread across the globe, possess a substantial amount of experience and expertise when it comes to utilizing these applications and integrating them in innovative applications to meet the requirements of their varied clientele and at the same time educating their customers about the ever dynamic applications, products, and services that Microsoft offers.

It was a proud moment for atQor to be announced as an addition to the list of Charter Members of the Microsoft 365 Business Applications Partnership Program. The announcement, however, does not come as easily as it might sound. After fulfilling the numerous requirements put forth, atQor tops the chart as a partner and chartered member and also now holds the tag of “ Microsoft Preferred” as a designation.

These are companies that have proven their mettle while delivering outstanding solutions to people, by far expanding the horizons of Microsoft to meet the daily business needs of clients small and huge alike. From the overwhelming response that the application process received and checking everything off from their list of criteria to become a partner, we are glad that atQor has been able to clear out with flying colors. Being among the selected few, atQor now has plans to upscale further and provide solutions to their existing and new clientele in ways that can be more innovative, educative, and informative.

atQor has been since long a trusted Microsoft Partner and a regular attendee at the Microsoft events such as MS Inspire and that is where we are keen on building networks worldwide and gather hands-on experience about the latest at Microsoft. Be it product launches, service updates, or anything else that is brewing up at Microsoft, being abreast with the latest events has always helped not only us but also our end customers to be able to bring up their numbers by benefitting from these services, apps and much more. For example, SharePoint and MS Teams being one of the niche areas of our service for a majority of our clientele, we make sure that none of our clients face any issues while using these MS products and services and also that an increasing number of clients are made aware of these services and how life can be better with these products and services.

Now that atQor has made its way to the designation of “Microsoft Preferred”, we make sure that our standards of quality and services are ever-increasing and our clientele is always back to us in search of the best Microsoft solutions and services that can be used by them for enhancing their business and getting results only dreamt of earlier.