atQor Revolutionizes Arvind Ltd's Sampling Process with Microsoft Power Apps

Friday, 29 September 2023

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA – Joining forces with atQor and Microsoft has made Arvind Ltd’s fabric sampling process a thing of the past, revolutionizing this part of business strategy in the almost 100-year-old textile giant. Managing the many samples of fabrics belonging to the established firm with profits exceeding one billion dollars proved quite an uphill task for Arvind Ltd, which was established in 1931. This required the application of new technologies to the old methods that were tedious and prone to errors.


atQor, a leading entity for digital transformation, and Microsoft had collaborated to bring about the introduction of Microsoft’s Power Apps. This solution greatly improved the operational efficiencies of Arvind, thereby increasing its customer satisfaction.


Nitin Parmar, the Chief Information Officer at Arvind, pointed out their main problem, “managing our fabric samples efficiently had been difficult for us, going on to say that “the manual procedures were vulnerable to errors as well as loss of data, thus.


When Arvind needed help with an “App in a Day” workshop, atQor came through with a fast and elegant way of accomplishing it using Microsoft’s Power Apps. Kartik Shah, CEO of atQor, says, “Power Apps with its integrated AI capability is enabling smarter decisions, result in faster time, and true digital empowers our client.”


For Arvind, a solution was designed that used QR codes in every sampling order that smoothly merged into their existing CRM systems. The QR-based process did away with past waste. Teams could now read barcodes, view specs in real-time of orders, and monitor an order’s status throughout the process. Therefore, the sampling errors were reduced by up to 90%, the production errors by up to 70%, and the order turnaround time increased by about 30%.


Raju Patni, a marketing manager at Arvind, characterized the product as user-friendly, “easy like using a mobile phone.” This was a major factor in making this solution successful.


However, this is only a transition and not the finish. Arvind is researching other integrations with Power Apps to transform vendor bidding patterns and the buy cotton journey. Looking ahead, there is no limit in terms of potential for Arvind.


The atQor, Microsoft, and Arvind partnerships exemplify how technology can be integrated in today’s changing digital landscape. This shows that these integrations can infuse new vigor in traditional sectors and provide an example for other companies to emulate.


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