Friday, 29 September 2023
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA – Joining forces with atQor and Microsoft has made Arvind Ltd’s fabric sampling process a thing of the past, revolutionizing this part of business strategy in the almost 100-year-old textile giant. Managing the many samples of fabrics belonging to the established firm with profits exceeding one billion dollars proved quite an uphill task for Arvind Ltd, which was established in 1931. This required the application of new technologies to the old methods that were tedious and prone to errors.   atQor, a leading entity for digital transformation, and Microsoft had collaborated to bring about the introduction of Microsoft’s Power Apps. This solution greatly improved the operational efficiencies of Arvind, thereby increasing its customer satisfaction.   Nitin Parmar, the Chief Information Officer at Arvind, pointed out their main problem, “managing our fabric samples efficiently had been difficult for us, going on to say that “the manual procedures were vulnerable to errors as well as loss of data, thus.   When Arvind needed help with an “App in a Day” workshop, atQor came through with a fast and elegant way of accomplishing it using Microsoft’s Power Apps. Kartik Shah, CEO of atQor, says, “Power Apps with its integrated AI capability is enabling smarter decisions, result in faster time, and true digital empowers our client.”   For Arvind, a solution was designed that used QR codes in every sampling order that smoothly merged into their existing CRM systems. The QR-based process did away with past waste. Teams could now read barcodes, view specs in real-time of orders, and monitor an order’s status throughout the process. Therefore, the sampling errors were reduced by up to 90%, the production errors by up to 70%, and the order turnaround time increased by about 30%.   Raju Patni, a marketing manager at Arvind, characterized the product as user-friendly, “easy like using a mobile phone.” This was a major factor in making this solution successful.   However, this is only a transition and not the finish. Arvind is researching other integrations with Power Apps to transform vendor bidding patterns and the buy cotton journey. Looking ahead, there is no limit in terms of potential for Arvind.   The atQor, Microsoft, and Arvind partnerships exemplify how technology can be integrated in today’s changing digital landscape. This shows that these integrations can infuse new vigor in traditional sectors and provide an example for other companies to emulate.   About atQor   atQor is one of the most successful transformation and technology consulting companies with innovative solutions and well-established partnerships. Dedicated to boosting organizations with forward-thinking technologies, atQor is an expert in Microsoft technologies, e-commerce, cybersecurity, and AI solutions. It is renowned for shaping today’s business through its customer-oriented approach and dedication to excellence, offering quality and bespoke IT services to exceed customers’ expectations.   Contact:   Manager of Communications Email: info@atQor.comPhone (USA) : 1-844-294-5383(Canada) : 1-289-290-4490(India) : +91-7069043269
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Wednesday, 17 May 2023
Los Angeles, CA, May 17, 2023 - atQor, a global technology solutions provider, proudly announces its recent achievement becoming a Microsoft Solutions Partner for the Microsoft Cloud. This represents atQor's expertise across the Microsoft ecosystem and its continuous commitment to delivering comprehensive cloud solutions.   atQor has demonstrated competence and innovation by attaining all six Microsoft Solution Area badges, including Security, Business Applications, Modern Work, Digital & App Innovation (Azure), Data & AI (Azure), and Infrastructure (Azure). Achieving this accomplishment validates atQor's comprehensive skill set and ability to use the Microsoft Cloud to serve clients' evolving needs.   "With our dedicated team's unwavering commitment, we've reached a milestone that sets us apart in the industry," said Kartik Shah, CEO of atQor. "Our success in achieving the Microsoft Solutions Partner for the Microsoft Cloud badge exemplifies our dedication to stay ahead of the curve and deliver value-driven solutions to our customers. We are committed to continuing our pursuit of excellence, ensuring our customers get the most out of their investment in Microsoft technology."   In addition to this, atQor holds seven specializations, encompassing all four Microsoft Security specializations. The company also was recognized as a Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP), which further attests to its robust capabilities and customer-centric approach.   "Together with Microsoft, we are helping businesses transform and embrace digital innovation," added COO of atQor, Greg Kachhadiya. "We are honored to be among the group of partners that have achieved this esteemed status. This accomplishment reflects our expertise in Microsoft technologies and our commitment to delivering innovative, secure, and scalable solutions that drive business success."   Venkat Krishnan, Executive Director, Global Partner Solutions, Microsoft India said, “This achievement is a testament to atQor's continuous evolution and ability to deliver state-of-the-art cloud services. With these advancements, atQor will be able to unlock vast opportunities by further enhancing their service delivery and driving transformative digital experiences for customers.”   About atQor: atQor is a global technology solutions provider specializing in delivering cutting-edge IT solutions that leverage the latest Microsoft technologies. With a customer-centric approach and a dedicated team of Microsoft-certified professionals, atQor offers a wide range of IT solutions, including cloud services, security, business applications, data & AI, and infrastructure. For more information about atQor and its services, please visit www.atQor.com.   Contact: Manager of Communications Email: info@atQor.comPhone (USA) : 1-844-294-5383(Canada) : 1-289-290-4490(India) : +91-7069043269
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Monday, 31 October 2022
atQor, a global digital transformation, project services, managed services, and application development Microsoft Partner, announced recognition for its experience in delivering top-tier Microsoft Azure solutions by achieving Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP) status. atQor has been able to guide customers in the direction of pioneering business solutions to aid their digital transformation efforts into high-performance and agile environments. This recognition reflects atQor’s excellence in using cutting-edge technology to assist clients in resolving arduous business challenges. By exhibiting their expertise in delivering the complete Azure cloud lifecycle, atQor met strict standards and demonstrated in-depth experience. The criteria included Microsoft Cloud Partner Program Solution Partner status, technical competence, Microsoft certified engineering staff , revenue performance, advanced specialization, client references, a pre-audit evaluation, and an on-site audit for stringent controls for modern MSP operations by independent auditor company ISSI (Information Security Systems International) appointed by Microsoft. atQor's skill set, expertise, service excellence and experience in managing customers’ Azure Solutions using atQor’s Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) and well architected framework (WAF), aided atQor in achieving the recognition of Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider.  “Getting recognized with Azure Expert MSP status reflects atQor's expertise to serve our enterprise customers at scale for their end-to-end Azure cloud managed services’ need. I am proud of our engineering leadership, cloud architects, engineers, and solution sales team for achieving the certification. The Azure Expert MSP recognition assures our customers about atQor’s capabilities around managing their growing Azure requirements and mission critical management. We are looking forward to working closely as an Azure Expert MSP with the Microsoft field and Azure team,” says Kartik Shah, CEO of atQor. “I am elated that we have continued to maintain the highest standards of service delivery and operations. It validates to our clients that systems at atQor are setup for operational excellence that can help them adopt and manage their Microsoft Azure deployment well. I consider the striving for excellence is a continuous process and we will continue to improve and evolve to meet rapidly changing market dynamics,” said Greg K, Chief Operating Officer, atQor. At atQor, we are committed in supporting the complexity of our customer business and technology needs through innovation. Our team of Azure experts and automation with vanguard industry solutions along with proprietary frameworks, enables our customers to easily maintain, secure and manage their migration to azure cloud. Getting audit clearance and becoming Azure Expert MSP proves our well-established delivery capabilities,” added Hirnav Patel, Director and Vice President of Managed Services at atQor. "Microsoft’s commitment to our channel empowers partners to drive digital transformation for people, organizations and industries around the world. The Azure Expert MSP designation is Microsoft’s top endorsement among Managed Services Providers. atQor has demonstrated excellence in Azure managed services that has resulted in their qualification as an Azure Expert MSP. I congratulate atQor for their continued innovation and excellence in delivery to serve our mutual customers,” said Dan Rippey, Senior Director, Microsoft Cloud Partner Program. atQor takes pride in being a dependable, application-centric, premium cloud-managed services provider with an automation-based methodology in handling the smallest to enterprise grade substantial Azure projects and services. Customers can rest confident that they are working with one of the most competent service providers available due to this recognition, demonstrating atQor's continued strive for excellence. About atQor: atQor is a Global Microsoft Partner, with 16 Microsoft Gold competencies. In newly launched Microsoft Cloud Partner Program, atQor already have 5 Solution Partner designations namely Infrastructure (Azure), Data & AI (Azure), Digital & App Innovation (Azure), Modern Work and Security. Apart from these atQor has already achieved Microsoft Cloud Partner Program specialization for Windows Server and SQL Server Migration, Adoption and Change Management, Cloud Security, Identity and Access Management, Information Protection and Governance, and Threat Protection. atQor has experience of more than 20 years in providing Microsoft technologies focused industry specific sustainable, repeatable, and efficient digital transformation business solutions across the full cloud lifecycle. Contacts:Kartik ShahGreg KachhadiyaManager of Communications: info@atQor.comPhone (USA) : 1-844-294-5383 (Canada) : 1-289-290-4490(India) : +91-7069043269
Microsoft Solution Provider 2022
Monday, 20 June 2022
Enterprise viewpoint graded atQor among the top 20 Microsoft technology solutions providers in 2022 in support of providing top-notch quality solutions in such cut-throat competition.  The enterprise viewpoint proclaims, that atQor provides unique solutions for virtually any customer and serve business of any size. Additionally, they assert that atQor is a dedicated Microsoft partner that can help customers navigate digital transformation, provide recurring solutions, and earn awards for increasing customer value. atQor is a prominent award-winning technology solutions and services provider partnered with Microsoft that provides organizations with best-in-class digital and cloud-enabling services, business intelligence, and solid infrastructure architecture. Client-friendly and technologically robust solutions have been produced by well-trained teams and highly experienced executives ----- Enterpriseviewpoint.com atQor has developed a strong brand that people seek out when looking for Microsoft Technologies consulting services, which they attribute to their extensive industry knowledge and skilled employees. They also have an enviable reputation, as evidenced by their numerous 5-star ratings. The company intends to continue to build its brand and reputation, as well as hire a large number of highly skilled employees. They also anticipate winning a slew of accolades in the future. About Enterpriseviewpoint.com Having 52000+ subscribers, Enterpriseviewpoint.com is a platform for business owners, entrepreneurs, and businesses to connect with each other and their audience. Their special edition of stories and entrepreneurs who are reshaping many industries with relevant solutions and services are featured in this publication, which is available in both print and digital formats. The magazine also covers the most recent industry trends, in-depth analysis, expert guidance, and business how-to’s from industry leaders who have done it before. Moreover, this magazine is published in 73 countries with more than 130 entrepreneurs interviewed all around the globe.  
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Monday, 14 February 2022
Techreviewer is excited to announce that atQor has made its way onto the list of Top Software Development Companies in USA in 2022. Techreviewer is impressed with atQor’s services that are offered and the fine and knowledgeable team they employ to do those services. Not only do they offer exceptional services at affordable rates, but they also have unbelievable customer reviews.   atQor has been able to build an outstanding brand that consumers look for when looking for Software development services which they accredit to their vast knowledge of the field and their expert workers. They also have an astonishing reputation accredited to their many glowing 5-star reviews. The company plans to continue to grow their brand and their reputation and get many more highly skilled workers on their force, they also expect to be winning a slew of awards in the future for their company.   About Techreviewer Techreviewer is a research and analysis company that focuses primarily on IT companies that offer services in technical support, development, system integration, AI, Big Data, or business analysis. They spend countless tedious hours scavenging for the best companies in each market based on the ranking criteria that are listed above, and with that they compile a list of the top performers. This list is meant to help consumers to find reliable companies that provide excellent services for their customers. This way consumers never have to search for hours to find a company to do work for them, then fear that they won't be competent enough to do the job and leave consumers ripped off.
Top Software Development Companies In Los Angeles For 2022 By Expertise
Monday, 03 January 2022
atQor is proud to announce that it has got listed in the Top Software Development Companies in Los Angeles by Expertise.com.    Why trust the verdict of Expertise?    With 1 million monthly visitors seeking quality support for a better operational experience, Expertise.com gives an easy find out of top authentic professionals across the major cities of the United States.    The track record of empowering over 10 million companies with a revenue generation of $200M to date defines its competency to rate the top software development companies.    Eligibility criteria in the Selection Procedure of Expertise.com    Reputation of the company  Qualification in regards to licensing, accreditations, and awards  Experience and tenurity of the enterprise  Customers and client engagement  Degree of professionalism and value to customers    How does atQor make its way in the list?    A company with more than 500 business clients, atQor helped customers to connect with excellent IT experts, software resources, and customized solutions for more than 2 decades. A US-based multi-level company that holds a broad bandwidth of technology consulting, app development, automation, and project management services for small scale to top-notch companies to attain a digitally transformative operational goal on the verge of Industry 4.0.    Our software solution deliveries are Document Management System, Intranet In A Box, Room Reservation System, Timesheet, HRIS, Artwork System, Employee Experience Solution, and many more. These exceptional solutions have helped countless clients and customers in Manufacturing, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Tourism, Hospitality, and  Education achieve their business niche.    A tailor-made approach to deliver these solutions has made atQor a proud Gold Partner of Microsoft with millions of happy customers.    With high-end technologies like PowerApp, Power BI, Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Azure, and many more, it has given secured and compliant support to online and offline industries at diverse marketplaces.    These phenomenal services have driven expertise.com to list atQor in 10% premium software development bodies among 200 plus other competitors across Loss Angeles.