Textile Manufacturing Business Tycoon Starts Scaling their Infrastructure Capabilities with Microsoft Azure

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Textile & Manufacturing
Deployment Country:
Used Product/Service:
Microsoft Azure
Solution Type:
Highly Scalable Azure Infrastructure
Company Size:
1000-2000 employees

Client’s Business Concern and Challenges

One of the largest Textile Manufacturing brands was facing issues in managing the Azure Infrastructure. It was becoming increasingly challenging for the company in a rapidly changing business, regulatory, and IT environment, but those challenges were compounded for them due to the distributed nature of their operations.

Within the broader challenge, the company’s most significant pain point was the inability to scale the application tier on-demand and zero Business Continuity Disaster Recovery (BCDR) strategy.

How atQor Performed 

We focused on the key drivers across industries as defined by our own survey of various Azure Optimization engagements taken from clients both local and global in scale. The company originating from a manufacturing domain identified four of the most common business drivers that influenced Azure Highly Scalable and available projects using Azure load balancers, Azure Virtual Machine scale set, Azure Virtual machine Availability Set Azure Application Gateway.

Winning Solution Client Received

Implementing a highly scalable and available infrastructure helped the company achieve an uptime SLA of 99.95% and was one of the key priorities of CxO, which directly resulted in meeting the expected three priority areas, i.e., Highly Scalable Highly Available redundant Application tier.

atQor’s Expertise Partnering with Microsoft Technology

atQor’s Cloud Adoption Framework practice and proven success ratio, we proposed a comprehensive, highly scalable solution architecture that involves a fully elastic and on-demand scaling in an automated fashion.

Scalability and High-Availability their primary concern; we proposed core Azure Services like Azure load balancers, Azure Virtual Machine scale set, Azure Virtual machine Availability Set, Azure Application Gateway, which helped them achieve their business-critical SLA requirement and active-active scalable infrastructure for their application tier.

Value Provided as Outcomes

Scalability and High Availability are in demand for many organizations at a fast pace due to new technology developments, digital transformation, and threats. 

We encouraged customers to review their current Azure environment and consider the current and future requirements of a digitally enabled business, thus taking a more considered and holistic view of developments. 

We helped them implement an effective strategy to transform their application infrastructure platform into an asset that helped provide for redundancy and availability, fulfilling future business demands.