Popular crypto currency trading platforms migrates to Azure from AWS

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Cryptocurrency Trading
Deployment Country:
Used Product/Service:
Microsoft Azure
Migration Type:
Refactor and Rehost SQL
Company Size:
50-100 employees
Project Timeline:
February 2021

Client’s Business Overview

One of the largest cryptocurrency trading platforms migrates to Azure from AWS for better security, compliance, and distributed application delivery.

Customer is one of the early pioneers of the cryptocurrency space and has developed multiple solutions in the cryptocurrency domain. Their flagship offering for cryptocurrency trading platform and wallet services is being used by more than 3 million users worldwide with 20 cryptocurrency and wallet services provided on the platform.

Business concern and challenges:

The customer’s biggest challenge was to protect its IP as well as geo delivery of services in compliance with the industry standards and local regulations. The customer wanted to understand how they leverage Microsoft Azure-based solutions including but not limited to Azure SQL, Windows security, blockchain services.

In the previous use case of the customer, the multiple platforms and ad-hoc implementation of security policies were not giving consolidated security required and compliance for the solution deployed. With close to 3 million users using the platform having any downtime to the application was not acceptable.

atQor’s expertise

As a managed service provider, the atQor team diligently worked as consultants and carried out a cloud assessment workshop which resulted in a 300-page report describing clearly how the customer could host their applications efficiently on Azure with help of atQor’s Mission Critical App hosting offerings.

Solution Deployed:

With zero downtime all the applications were deployed on azure and including some partial workload in solution usage from AWS. The solution was deployed across 9 data centers of Azure to maintain standards of security and local regulatory compliance. The atQor team created more than 120 policy definitions which were to be adhered to during deployment and management of all services.