Essentra PLC digitally transforms multiple operations and gains critical insights


SharePoint Online | Microsoft Power BI | MS Flow | Graph API | SQL SSRS | Power Platform

Solution Summary:

Essentra PLC digitally transforms multiple operations and gains critical insights thanks to Power BI, Flow, Graph API, and Microsoft software as a service cloud.

Essentra is a leading global provider of essential components and solutions with four global divisions: Components, Packaging, Filters, and Specialist Components. Every day Essentra produces and distributes millions of small but essential components and their international network extends to 33 countries and includes 45 principal manufacturing facilities, 30 sales and distribution operations, and 4 research & development centers.

With more than 5000+ Office 365 users on the Microsoft Cloud platform it partnered with atQor to work and leverage the platform to help them implement strategic transformation for various operations and insights needed by their strategic business units.

With the help of the power platform and Microsoft O365 platform, atQor created multiple transformational solutions for them which included the Capex Approval system, commercial system, Power BI Dashboard for Mattec System (3rd Party Manufacturing Execution system), compliance, risk mitigation, and specific to business processes systems.


  • Data maintained and used in MS excel and it was not manageable.
  • No tracking of approvals.
  • Do not get the live status of the Request i.e. Capex, Invoice Status, Payment Status, production reports.
  • Lack of tracking for the approver's comments as well as status.
  • No insights to Management for the overall status of production of materials
  • Lack of tracking for the Action owners and their comments as well as status.

Solution Strategy:

  • Live tracking of Capex status as well as their approvers status and comments.
  • Dashboards for Admin/Approver/Requestor.
  • Power BI reports for admin.
  • PDF conversion of Approved CAPEX
  • Live tracking of Commercial request (CAPEX to Invoice realized) status as well as their approvers status and comments.
  • Role-based Dashboards i.e. Admin/ Approver/Requestor.
  • PDF conversion of Approved request (Capex / PO / Invoice)


The transformation helped Essentra to manage key actions from meetings, projects, incidents, audits, and monitor quality control. It provided real-time visibility and status for every action within the organization or the strategic business unit along with critical insights reports for production.


Testimonials of Essentra PLC Global Head