America’s Leading Bank Adopts advanced Hybrid Infrastructure capabilities of Microsoft Azure

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Banking & Finance
Deployment Country:
Used Product/Service:
Microsoft Azure
Solution Type:
Hybrid Resilient Infrastructure
Company Size:
250-1000 employees

Client's Business Concern and Challenges

Banking and finance is an industry where cloud and security has must require infrastructure. The entire infrastructure of America's leading bank was running on a hybrid architecture, and it was becoming difficult for them to serve demanding requests for the growing organization.

Load balancing and inter-dependencies of the applications spread across On-premises, and Azure was becoming the key challenging task for the bank.

How atQor Performed 

Reliability ensures your application can meet the commitments made to the bank. Architecting resiliency into the application framework helped us ensure that the workloads are available and can recover from failures at any scale.

Achieving resiliency in current infrastructure ensured us that they are future-ready. And by gaining the confidence that their infrastructure is robust enough to withstand the most critical challenges.

Winning Solution Client Received

DNS-based load balancing to the application improved the ability to distribute application traffic worldwide. It helped improve the performance and availability of the application alongside building a resilient interdependent infrastructure on Azure. 

atQor's Expertise Partnering with Microsoft Technology

atQor's expertise in building a resilient infrastructure helped the bank overcome the most significant pain point by building an enterprise-ready scalable and resilient infrastructure using Azure Traffic Manager, Virtual machine Scale Set / Availability Set, and Azure Site Recovery. This solution helped customers balance manual failovers/failback and automated traffic redirection between on-premise and Azure sites.

Value Provided as Outcomes

Recovering from a disaster or balancing the traffic traditionally required many changes for the bank, resulting in way higher RTO. With the solution provided, the customer can now balance traffic between hybrid sites in an automated fashion in a very low RTO. Resiliency achieved in Azure helped them increase productivity and less worry of infrastructure failures.