4th Largest Bank in Midwest of US moves to Microsoft Azure

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Banking & Finance
Deployment Country:
Used Product/Service:
Microsoft Azure
Migration Type:
Rehost Windows Server and SQL Server from On-Premise
Company Size:
1000-5000 employees
Project Timeline:
November 2020

Client’s Business Overview

4th Largest Bank in the Midwest of the US drives Digitization by migrating mortgage-related services and infrastructure to Microsoft Azure.

The 4th largest bank in the Midwest US, with 46 full-service bank branches across the USA and $2.9 billion in total assets, offers a comprehensive variety of financial services and products.

The Bank continually upgrade its technology infrastructure by investing in the latest tools and run their business process for correspondent lending using Cloud-based proprietary LOB System

The challenge

The challenge at hand was to ensure the application’s availability and reliability while meeting all financial services-related compliances and security standards as well as meet technical requirements to deliver the best performance for customers across the US east coast and west coast. atQor’s RegTech practice and its expertise around atQor Vault built on top of Microsoft Trusted Cloud helped the customer pose its trust in our abilities and decide to host their mission-critical app on Microsoft Azure. The outcome was the improved availability of the app with close to 99.999% uptime achieved and the presence of different regions for a production environment as well as test environment: thus enabling enhanced business continuity.

“Our mortgage application is now not only internally consumed but leased to 40 other banks in West Coast, thanks to your solution and amazing 24/7 premium support.” - Vice President IT –– The Bank

From requirement analysis to proposing a comprehensive dependable solution

We evaluated the existing ecosystem in the Bank and its requirement to identify the best way to protect their information rights and IPR and ensure a faster, better, secured, regulatory compliance in-built solution to run this core application.

Migrating the app infrastructure to Azure

With atQor’s RegTech expertise, the atQor team moved this mission-critical application for the bank to Azure with High Availability and Different Regions for Production Environment as well as non-production/test environment separately. The application was built on Microsoft .net technology with SQL as a backend database, which takes care of the Lending process, from registration to final docs in it. Some of the modules include; Manage the pipeline of loans, loading the loans with categorization, review loan package, Compliance EZ, and DataVerify.

The highlight of the solution

  • Azure for Production of Fusion Web Application
    • Additional Domain Controller on Azure with High Availability in a different region
    • Database Server on Azure with High Availability in a different region
    • Back-End Server on Azure with High Availability in a different region
    • Front-End Server with High Availability in a different region
    • Proxy Server with High Availability in a different region
  • Azure for Non-Production/Testing of Fusion Web Application
    • Additional Domain Controller on Azure
    • Database Server on Azure
    • Back-End Server on Azure
    • Front-End Server
    • Deployment of Proxy Server
  • Post Migration: 24/7 Proactive Azure Monitoring and managed services.
    • Happy client and a promising future

The result was a dependable app running from scalable, load-balanced, elastic architecture as well as improved performance, that allowed them to further lease or offer on subscription to other banks in West Coast and resulted not only achieving the primary goal but opened additional revenue stream for the bank.

The audit for SOC and other compliances were met using atQor RegTech services and Microsoft Trusted cloud reports that we supply to them along with Azure Premium support by the atQor team.