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Products/Solutions: SharePoint Online |MS Flow | Graph API |Power APP |AZURE API Azure Web Service: SAP to SharePoint document transport |Azure DataLake |Azure Web Job Solution Summary Adani Australia digitally transforms internal operations, business processes, and the workplace to be more agile to meet challenging business asks thanks to Microsoft PowerPlatform and Office 365. Adani Australia is a multi-dimensional energy and infrastructure company, dedicated to delivering energy solutions for an advancing world. It owns and operates Abbot Point Terminal which has been exporting Queensland coal responsibly for more than 30 years. Adani Renewables Australia’s first solar farm Rugby Run near Moranbah will supply 65MW of renewable power in phase 1, with the capacity to expand up to 170MW. The Carmichael Project is a 27.5mtpa coal mine and 200km rail line. atQor and Adani Australia, developed, designed, and implemented Office 365 and PowerPlatfrom an empowered commercial system and insights system to overcome this problem and help them meet business accountability and transparency at every level for internal operations. Challenge: With business and processes getting stiff requirements of transparency and processes including their business dealing with different vendors, service providers, other companies, being tracked at every level in semi-automated excel and email-based processes creates clear issues of accountability, agility, and fast decision making their business needs today. The processes in use had multiple challenges that included no tracking for approvals, C-level approval complexity, no view of commercial processes such as invoices, payments, contracts tracking. Solution Strategy Functionality involved Role-based Dashboards i.e. Admin/ Approver/Requestor. Email notification at each level i.e. Approver, Requestor, HOD Attachment of supporting documents. Mobile base Approval System for CEO/CIO level user Role-based Dashboards i.e. Admin/ Approver/Requestor. The automated workflow in each module. Insight Reporting for C-level users with Power BI Dashboards. Results The transformation helped Adani Australia to manage key and insights for operational efficiency. Some of the results as under Live tracking of Commercial request (PR to SES realized) status as well as their approvers status and comments. Role-based Dashboards i.e. Admin/ Approver/Requestor. Power BI reports for Management/ CEO/ CIO. PDF conversion of Approved request (PR /NFA /Invoice /SES) Document Management of Approved Request (Knowledge Management) C level reporting generated on dashboards using Power BI        
Industry: Manufacturing Deployment Country: India Solution: Power Apps Used Product/Service: Power Platform, Azure Project Timeline: Nov 2022 Executive Summary  A textile manufacturing giant from India with gargantuan global operations was facing challenges with their fabric sampling process. The sampling process in the textile business is critical as it is the starting point for any potential sales, and customers usually ask for samples before placing a bulk order. The request, also known as "Sample Request" or "Sample Order", requires a lot of details such as the type of fabric, composition, stitching, embellishing, color specifications, and associated codes. The process involves multiple departments and hands, including design, technical, production, and quality, and staff members must also take customer needs and expectations into consideration to decide on the samples to be sent.  Customer challenges  However, the company's legacy way of handling the process using spreadsheets, emails, and physical documents was time-consuming, personnel-intensive, lacked real-time visibility, and was highly prone to information loss and errors. The process also lacked a central repository of all past samples, causing the marketing and sales team to go through a new sample process even if there is a nearest match of the specification and sample available in the system from past requests. This resulted in missed information and direct/indirect financial impacts.  Partner solutions  A Model Driven App – using Power Apps  Automation of mundane tasks – using Power Automate  Integration with SAP (ERP) – using Azure WebApp and API management. Integration with CRM – using Microsoft Dataverse and Power Automate To solve the fabric sampling challenge, the company partnered with atQor, which proposed to create a Power App using Microsoft Power Platform and Dataverse as the database to store sample request transactions. The app would use Power Automate to automate workflows, approvals, and integrate with CRM, and the sample requests created on Power Platform would go to SAP to process further as a sample order in the ERP. The solution also implemented QR codes across the processes to reduce manual inputs and fetch required details or status from ERP and CRM.  Customer benefits  With the new solution, every department involved in the sampling process now uses the Model Driven app to run the entries, see status in real-time, and update relevant information on the go. Sample requests are now synced with SAP for further processing, and the app automates approvals and sends automated emails to ensure no errors and appropriate records. The solution also includes a sample library that searches for the nearest specifications available in the sample library and makes suggestions, saving the company and clients time and costs and ensuring something that has already been tried and tested for quality and performance gets a chance to re-enter the market. Notifications of exceptions and call-outs are sent out in no time to the respective teams via inbuilt notification features available in Power Platform, ensuring thorough awareness and preparedness.
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Client: Under NDA Industry: Finance Deployment Country: USA Solution: Complex Used Product/Service: Microsoft Azure Migration Type: Rehost Windows and SQL server from on-premise Company Size: 11-50 employees Project Timeline: October 2020 Client’s Business Overview A market leader in surety bond processing since 1999 in the United States migrates to Microsoft Azure to improve security and reliability. The US-based market leader for surety bond processing organization with its web-based surety bond solution enables clients, brokers/agents, obligees, and carriers to manage bond requirements efficiently. The application digitally connects the world of surety by enabling seamless communication among and between obligees, principals, and sureties. Move to the cloud at scale. The application was built on a legacy platform of Windows 2008 and SQL 2008 and running on client-server on-premise architecture, which needed a scalable, and seamless move to newer technologies. Due to increasing demand improving productivity while delivering the best to customers, the organization decided to adopt modern technology and decided to move applications, servers, and databases to Microsoft Azure. This was a migration from On-Premises to Microsoft Azure Cloud Implementation with required architectural changes and newer technology-based scalable delivery to all their customers. The customer began a process to evaluate the cost-benefit of various platforms and the most effective way of unifying its existing tools. atQor’s expertise and required pre-assessment helped them determine that migrating to Azure is the right fit for their needs. With the help of atQor advisory and expertise around azure data, platform offering customer found real value and reason to move existing running SQL Server, to Azure SQL Managed Instance which offered the fullest database compatibility. With SQL Managed Instance, the customer remains assured that the managed SQL instance is always up to date, with minimal IT team attention including they do not have to worry about updates and upgrades. Not only did Azure meet Customer requirements for its SQL Server workload to save costs but the lift-and-shift to Azure went seamlessly, and the company experienced minimal downtime using Azure Database Migration Service to support the fast, easy migration of SQL Server and MySQL workloads. Fast migration, easy maintenance The company completed the migration quickly with proven Migration methodology from atQor and with very minimal downtime and nearly zero downtime to customer-facing services. The company runs a lean development team that supported and managed all aspects of its data, and in the past, the team found it challenging to use disparate tools and perform support tasks while constantly training staff to stay up to date with technology. The move helped the company to plan future applications rebuilding scalability-based architecture without worrying about transition period service delivery experience for their end customers.
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Client: Under NDA Industry: Banking & Finance Deployment Country: USA Solution: Complex Used Product/Service: Microsoft Azure Migration Type: Rehost Windows Server and SQL Server from On-Premise Company Size: 1000-5000 employees Project Timeline: November 2020 Client’s Business Overview 4th Largest Bank in the Midwest of the US drives Digitization by migrating mortgage-related services and infrastructure to Microsoft Azure. The 4th largest bank in the Midwest US, with 46 full-service bank branches across the USA and $2.9 billion in total assets, offers a comprehensive variety of financial services and products. The Bank continually upgrade its technology infrastructure by investing in the latest tools and run their business process for correspondent lending using Cloud-based proprietary LOB System The challenge The challenge at hand was to ensure the application’s availability and reliability while meeting all financial services-related compliances and security standards as well as meet technical requirements to deliver the best performance for customers across the US east coast and west coast. atQor’s RegTech practice and its expertise around atQor Vault built on top of Microsoft Trusted Cloud helped the customer pose its trust in our abilities and decide to host their mission-critical app on Microsoft Azure. The outcome was the improved availability of the app with close to 99.999% uptime achieved and the presence of different regions for a production environment as well as test environment: thus enabling enhanced business continuity. “Our mortgage application is now not only internally consumed but leased to 40 other banks in West Coast, thanks to your solution and amazing 24/7 premium support.” - Vice President IT –– The Bank From requirement analysis to proposing a comprehensive dependable solution We evaluated the existing ecosystem in the Bank and its requirement to identify the best way to protect their information rights and IPR and ensure a faster, better, secured, regulatory compliance in-built solution to run this core application. Migrating the app infrastructure to Azure With atQor’s RegTech expertise, the atQor team moved this mission-critical application for the bank to Azure with High Availability and Different Regions for Production Environment as well as non-production/test environment separately. The application was built on Microsoft .net technology with SQL as a backend database, which takes care of the Lending process, from registration to final docs in it. Some of the modules include; Manage the pipeline of loans, loading the loans with categorization, review loan package, Compliance EZ, and DataVerify. The highlight of the solution Azure for Production of Fusion Web Application Additional Domain Controller on Azure with High Availability in a different region Database Server on Azure with High Availability in a different region Back-End Server on Azure with High Availability in a different region Front-End Server with High Availability in a different region Proxy Server with High Availability in a different region Azure for Non-Production/Testing of Fusion Web Application Additional Domain Controller on Azure Database Server on Azure Back-End Server on Azure Front-End Server Deployment of Proxy Server Post Migration: 24/7 Proactive Azure Monitoring and managed services. Happy client and a promising future The result was a dependable app running from scalable, load-balanced, elastic architecture as well as improved performance, that allowed them to further lease or offer on subscription to other banks in West Coast and resulted not only achieving the primary goal but opened additional revenue stream for the bank. The audit for SOC and other compliances were met using atQor RegTech services and Microsoft Trusted cloud reports that we supply to them along with Azure Premium support by the atQor team.
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Client: Under NDA Industry: Cryptocurrency Trading Deployment Country: USA Solution: Complex Used Product/Service: Microsoft Azure Migration Type: Refactor and Rehost SQL Company Size: 50-100 employees Project Timeline: February 2021 Client’s Business Overview One of the largest cryptocurrency trading platforms migrates to Azure from AWS for better security, compliance, and distributed application delivery. Customer is one of the early pioneers of the cryptocurrency space and has developed multiple solutions in the cryptocurrency domain. Their flagship offering for cryptocurrency trading platform and wallet services is being used by more than 3 million users worldwide with 20 cryptocurrency and wallet services provided on the platform. Business concern and challenges: The customer’s biggest challenge was to protect its IP as well as geo delivery of services in compliance with the industry standards and local regulations. The customer wanted to understand how they leverage Microsoft Azure-based solutions including but not limited to Azure SQL, Windows security, blockchain services. In the previous use case of the customer, the multiple platforms and ad-hoc implementation of security policies were not giving consolidated security required and compliance for the solution deployed. With close to 3 million users using the platform having any downtime to the application was not acceptable. atQor’s expertise As a managed service provider, the atQor team diligently worked as consultants and carried out a cloud assessment workshop which resulted in a 300-page report describing clearly how the customer could host their applications efficiently on Azure with help of atQor’s Mission Critical App hosting offerings. Solution Deployed: With zero downtime all the applications were deployed on azure and including some partial workload in solution usage from AWS. The solution was deployed across 9 data centers of Azure to maintain standards of security and local regulatory compliance. The atQor team created more than 120 policy definitions which were to be adhered to during deployment and management of all services.
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Client: Under NDA Industry: Banking & Finance Deployment Country: USA Solution: Complex Used Product/Service: Microsoft Azure Solution Type: Hybrid Resilient Infrastructure Company Size: 250-1000 employees Client's Business Concern and Challenges Banking and finance is an industry where cloud and security has must require infrastructure. The entire infrastructure of America's leading bank was running on a hybrid architecture, and it was becoming difficult for them to serve demanding requests for the growing organization. Load balancing and inter-dependencies of the applications spread across On-premises, and Azure was becoming the key challenging task for the bank. How atQor Performed  Reliability ensures your application can meet the commitments made to the bank. Architecting resiliency into the application framework helped us ensure that the workloads are available and can recover from failures at any scale. Achieving resiliency in current infrastructure ensured us that they are future-ready. And by gaining the confidence that their infrastructure is robust enough to withstand the most critical challenges. Winning Solution Client Received DNS-based load balancing to the application improved the ability to distribute application traffic worldwide. It helped improve the performance and availability of the application alongside building a resilient interdependent infrastructure on Azure.  atQor's Expertise Partnering with Microsoft Technology atQor's expertise in building a resilient infrastructure helped the bank overcome the most significant pain point by building an enterprise-ready scalable and resilient infrastructure using Azure Traffic Manager, Virtual machine Scale Set / Availability Set, and Azure Site Recovery. This solution helped customers balance manual failovers/failback and automated traffic redirection between on-premise and Azure sites. Value Provided as Outcomes Recovering from a disaster or balancing the traffic traditionally required many changes for the bank, resulting in way higher RTO. With the solution provided, the customer can now balance traffic between hybrid sites in an automated fashion in a very low RTO. Resiliency achieved in Azure helped them increase productivity and less worry of infrastructure failures.