Reduce complexity and improve security by using flawless Power BI managed services. 

Expand your Power BI business intelligence tool and transform your data by adding outstanding visualization and reports. With Power BI, users can quickly create an interactive dashboard, connect with data sources, and allow users to explore data fast with making excellent data-driven decisions. Our Power BI managed service experts ensure to provide insights and help your business drive initiatives effectively. Keep your data safe and increase productivity using our Power BI managed services.  


Connect with our Power BI consulting service providers to empower data analytics tools by establishing the modern culture. If you’re using desktop or mobile, our Power BI developer always has solutions based on your business needs. As Microsoft Solution partners, we help visualize your data and provide valuable insights by better understanding market trends. The Power BI platform also allows users to optimize the business application using our strategic guidance. Connect with our Power BI consulting experts to use reliable managed services and add to your organization of all sizes.  


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Leverage your Business Operations with Power BI Managed Services and Solutions

Custom Dashboards White
Custom Dashboards

Create a custom dashboard on Power BI to make informed decisions and transform raw data into actionable insights. Add different themes, know your audience, and update your business automatically. Create a specialized dataset based on your custom business needs.

Immersive Report Generation White
Immersive Report Generation

Create an actionable immersive report by getting a comprehensive guide from our Power BI consultant. Overcome all challenges with Power BI implementation and make better business decisions by analyzing your enterprise data for insights.

Seamless Collaboration White[1]
Seamless Collaboration 

Connect with Power BI experts and get seamless collaboration to generate the best dashboards and reports. We help you promote a data-driven culture and gain actionable insights to fuel your business globally.  

Database Management White
Database Management

Use customized data management services across your organization and leverage the power of data in a simplified form. Our Power BI developer helps offer seamless connectivity, analyze business data globally, and provide accurate business decisions.  

Interactive Presentation White
Interactive Presentation

Power BI comes with a business analytics service and helps offer interactive visualization and add self-service BI capabilities. Also, the end users can create interactive and way better reports than traditional presentations.

Quick Insights White
Quick Insights

Learn from our Power BI managed service experts to gain insight into managing infrastructure, optimizing data, adding automation, checking data protection, and more. Our Power BI managed services team allows users to connect, transform, and visualize quick insights.

Why atQor for Power BI Managed Services?

atQor, having 20+ years of experience as a Microsoft Solutions Partner, has established an expert Power BI support and services team. Plus, as expert Power BI consulting service providers, we help users reduce operational costs and offer the best process efficiency by ensuring your precious data is well-protected.  

Compete Strongly With Adapting The Latest Tools And Practices Blue Compete Strongly With Adapting The Latest Tools And Practices White

Compete strongly with adapting the latest tools and practices.

Fill Skill Gaps By Saving Time In Searching For A Qualified Power BI Team Blue Fill Skill Gaps By Saving Time In Searching For A Qualified Power BI Team White

Fill skill gaps by saving time in searching for a qualified Power BI team.

Propel Your Business By Delivering Power BI Faster Blue Propel Your Business By Delivering Power BI Faster White

Propel your business by delivering Power BI faster.

Get Tailored Support Agreements For Your Power BI Needs Blue Get Tailored Support Agreements For Your Power BI Needs White

Get tailored support agreements for your Power BI needs. 

Develop Rich, Personalized Dashboards To Get A Unified User Experience Blue Develop Rich, Personalized Dashboards To Get A Unified User Experience White

Develop rich, personalized dashboards to get a unified user experience.

Get Integrated Support For Data Services Using Natural Language Blue Get Integrated Support For Data Services Using Natural Language White

Get integrated support for data services using natural language. 

Few of our value-added Power BI services

Power BI Implementation Blue Power BI Implementation White

Power BI Implementation

We follow an implementation strategy that suits your business requirements with ease. Our Power BI developers help to configure, implement, and analyze the improvements to get the best Power BI system. 

Power BI Data Analysis And Automation Blue Power BI Data Analysis And Automation White

Power BI Data Analysis and Automation

Our Power BI developers know how to develop and run dynamic algorithms to get real-time statistics. Moreover, our team can shape your data by adding automated analytics. 

Power BI Consulting Blue Power BI Consulting White

Power BI Consulting

Our Power BI consultants have immense experience in guiding clients and providing them with plans based on their project needs. Also, the user gets an excellent Power BI solution with no turnaround time.

Power BI Integration Blue Power BI Integration White

Power BI Integration

We help you with ERP integration, CRM integration, HRMS integration, IoT integration, and other enterprise integrations. Also, we support improving daily business operations by creating an excellent business impact. 

Power BI Data Management Blue Power BI Data Management White

Power BI Data Management

Our Power BI team defines the data flow and helps in excellent data cleansing, enrichment, and streaming of all data files effectively. Connect with our Power BI data management team to keep going.

Power BI Data Support Blue Power BI Data Support White

Power BI Data Support

Our Power BI expert offers support based on your business requirements and ensures to provide proper data encryption. Our team treats all your data with excellent compliance and utmost responsibility.


Managed services are like adding skills and expertise on an ongoing demand basis. Moreover, take advantage of flexible delivery at an affordable rate. Also, the service delivery manager offers extensive analytics to ensure consistency. Get ready to meet your evolving business requirements and optimize your solution to get the most out of Power BI.

We, as part of the Microsoft Power Platform business application provider, use Power BI to help users get connected with various Microsoft technologies. Moreover, the Power BI managed services we offer help optimize, implement, customize, and support your BI platform with ease. One can use Power BI Managed services to get technical support, centralized management, keep the system updated, backup and recovery services, faster deployments, and improved ROI.

Users can hire a Power BI managed resource to get a dedicated Power BI-managed support service. While by choosing a dedicated Power BI managed resource team provides complete driven support professionals, including a Power BI managed administrator and Power BI project manager who is ready to take care of your entire project with ease. 

The time depends upon the requirements of the services as our Power BI managed solution team gather information and provide deadline based on project details. 

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