Transform your data into meaningful information and build reliable data flows in minutes with Power BI Integration. 

With Power BI integration, connect, transform, and consolidate data to get insightful and meaningful data to make better decisions. Use the powerful data integration tool which supports organizations to streamline their data and make processes more manageable. As a Microsoft Solution partner company, we offer customized solutions to help users meet long-term goals. If you still need to explore the Power BI integration services, now is the time to connect your data from various sources and design excellent dashboards, reports, and visualizations. 


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Power BI Integration with Azure 

Get a unified self-service and enterprise analytics solution with Power BI and visualize your data by sharing the insights across your organization. With Power BI integration with Azure, users can develop a data-driven culture, which helps to thrive in competitive environments.  

  • Connect data from native AI and ML 
  • Share and collaborate reports from insider and outside organizations. 
  • Add data protection to all file types. 
  • Enable fast decision-making with Azure data models. 


Power BI Integration with Salesforce 


Power BI offers a platform that collects and visualizes data; when the context is added to these data after proper processing, analysis, and visualization, it converts into information. At the same time, Salesforce is where the organization's rich data lives and provides customers with a 360-degree view, holding business insights to leverage better outcomes.  


  • Create contact and opportunity management to strategize your next move. 
  • Create dynamic dashboards based on market trends and customer behavior. 
  • Get full email integrations with applications like Outlook, Gmail, etc. 


Power BI Integration with SharePoint 


Integrate Power BI with SharePoint to build influential dashboards sites with less coding and connect with hundreds of data sources. With SharePoint Power BI integration, connect your workspace data into a single place and generate reports with different visualizations.  


  • Make live changes and apply them instantly to your site. 
  • Embed anything from Power BI using a single source dashboard. 
  • Get a one-click navigation to the dashboard, workspace, report, etc. 
  • Design reports based on the mobile layout to give a beautiful look and feel. 


Power BI Integration with Business Central 


Power BI offers a data visualization tool that helps businesses to gain meaningful insights and make accurate decisions. Grow your business by enabling numerous data sources and using advanced AI that offers real-time reporting and dashboards. There are several reasons to integrate Power BI with BC. A few of them are listed here. 


  • Transform complex data into actionable insights. 
  • Create visualization for a better understanding of financial data. 
  • Focus on specific data to generate customized reports. 
  • Get long-term trends and make informed decisions.  


Why atQor for Power BI Integration Services?

Power BI has building blocks, including reports, dashboards, datasets, workbooks, dataflows, and various applications. Our team aims to offer interactive business capabilities and visualization for end users to create effortless dashboards and reports. 

Interactive Personalized Dashboards And Reports Blue Interactive Personalized Dashboards And Reports White

Interactive Personalized Dashboards and Reports

Real Time Information Blue Real-time visibility and reporting (1)

Real-Time Information 

Integrate It With A Wide Array Of Data Sources Blue Integrate It With A Wide Array Of Data Sources White

Integrate it with a Wide Array of Data Sources

Excel Integration Without Compare Blue Excel Integration Without Compare White

Excel Integration Without Compare 

Get Frequent And Consistent Update Blue Get Frequent And Consistent Update White

Get Frequent and Consistent Update 

Add Functionality With Microsoft Apps Blue Add Functionality With Microsoft Apps White

Add Functionality with Microsoft Apps

Professional Power BI Team Blue Professional Power BI Team White

Professional Power BI Team

Use Modern AI Systems Blue Use Modern AI Systems White

Use Modern AI Systems

Collaboration And Fast Sharing Blue Collaboration And Fast Sharing White

Collaboration And Fast Sharing

Power BI Integration Services

Power BI Dashboard Integration Blue Power BI Dashboard Integration White

Power BI Dashboard Integration

Design a powerful data visualization that helps organizations to make accurate decisions. Connect your Power BI dashboard to any device throughout your facilities and quickly get real-time data. Consult our Power BI team and create a digital workplace experience.

Power BI Data Transformation Blue Power BI Data Transformation White

Power BI Data Transformation

Cleanse the data and combining it has become necessary; therefore, add it with business logic and build a business-ready layer in the data warehouse. Our Power BI consultant guides customers to convert data into actionable insight and add effective analytics solutions.

Power BI Integration Consulting Blue Power BI Integration Consulting White

Power BI Integration Consulting

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we offer comprehensive Power BI consulting services to help users fill the gap and add more opportunities to their business. Our experts allow users to connect, visualize data, and improve operations with keeping their data safe. 

Power BI Deployment Pipelines Blue Power BI Deployment Pipelines White

Power BI Deployment Pipelines

Use the Power BI service's data pipeline feature that enables developers to manage the development lifecycle for any organization's tenant. Additionally, the tool is designed to offer users an efficient and reusable pipeline to automate the movement.

Power BI Mobile Integration Blue Power BI Mobile Integration White

Power BI Mobile Integration

The primary purpose of mobile development is to keep it simple and not make it too complex. The Power BI mobile feature helps users to solve the issue of maintaining extensive-sized reports to render well on mobile phones. Integrate it from the desktop version to the mobile with Power BI.


A business analytics service is well-known as Microsoft Power BI, mainly used to generate dashboards and reports and gain a deep understanding of data by adding a customized visualization. Moreover, Power BI comes with a package with various services and products, including Power BI service based on SaaS, mobile Power BI application, and other custom services based on different platforms.  

  • Power Query 
  • Dataflows 
  • Azure Data Factory 
  • Microsoft SQL Server Integration  
  • Azure Stream Analytics 
  • Power Query to Transform and Extract 
  • Power Map and View to Visualize Data 
  • Power Pilot for Analyzing and Modelling 

Power BI is a fantastic business intelligence tool that allows users to pull extensive data from various sources and turn them into advanced visualization. With Power BI desktop, create an interactive dashboard and reports making communication easier.

If you want to develop realistic thresholds and excellent data quality, Power BI integration offers the best data quality. Moreover, creating a perfect strategy can support deep data cleaning and quickly boost your business productivity.

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