Organize your data effectively and boost your business process using different dashboards.  

Dashboard, a powerful feature of Power BI service used to create a report based on datasets. Keep track of the company’s KPI and make data-driven decisions with business intelligence. Choose your visualizations and fields to generate an impactful report.  


Power BI Dashboard is a single-page document that helps users to add visualizations and fields to create reports. The visualization consists of multiple graphs and charts to add a professional touch to the document. One can easily use the drag-and-drop feature and generate reports and dashboards with a click of buttons. The user cannot create a dashboard on Power BI Desktop. Therefore, the Power BI dashboard generates reports based on the dataset using visualization.

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Power BI Dashboards for Businesses

Integration White
Mobile Access & Integration

Connect with M365 or other third-party tools and collaborate with your organization. Check your statistics whenever you need to use them on your device. 

Natural Language Processing White
Natural Language Processing

Use NLP to ask questions, find answers in a few seconds, and use them on Power BI charts and graphs. 

Key Performance Indicators White
Key Performance Indicators

Power BI dashboards can help executives understand how KPIs (Key performance indicators) work. 

Predictive Analytics White
Predictive Analytics

One can use Power BI dashboards to form data-driven decisions. Moreover, one can use analytics tools to get a clear view of the latest business trends.

Know how Power BI dashboards benefit businesses. Make your data speak by showing interactive visualization. Use the Power BI dashboard to add intelligent insights to create a powerful visualization. Add elements like charts, graphs, and more to show your business overview. Add multiple departments into a single-page dashboard to understand the business in a better way. 

Why Choose atQor for Power BI Dashboard?

atQor is a trusted and experienced Power BI development company. Our certified Power BI dashboard team has worked with multiple businesses in India, the UK, the USA, Australia, etc. Hire a pool of dedicated resources for Power BI and the power platform. Choose us to plan, integrate and implement BI for various industry types.

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Create Data-Driven Culture

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Get a Meaningful Insight

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Reduce the Security Risks

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Protect your Analytics Data

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Quality Assurance Support

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Decades of Experience

Power BI Dashboard Benefits

Microsoft Power BI comes with an excellent option for small to large businesses. If you’re looking for reporting and analytics capabilities beyond excel, the Power BI dashboard is for you. Use the customized Power BI dashboard and get deep insights into your business operations. Few benefits are listed below:

Easy To Use Dashboard Blue Easy To Use Dashboard White

Easy-to-Use Dashboard

With the Power BI dashboard, you need not write a single line of code. All you require is an understanding of using an inbuilt intelligent tool and adding the correct reporting elements based on your requirements.

Low Learning Curve BLUE Low Learning Curve White

Low Learning Curve

As there is no coding required and easier to use, this lowers the learning curve for creating Power BI dashboards. You won’t have difficulty using the Power BI dashboard if you have little knowledge of Excel.

Multiple Data Sources Blue Multiple Data Sources White

Multiple Data Sources

The tool helps to analyze the data from various sources. Using Power BI, one can fetch data from almost any data source, including Microsoft Excel, MySQL database, Salesforce, Azure SQL, Data warehouse, and more. 

Customizable Dashboards Blue Customizable Dashboards White

Customizable Dashboards

Simplify the HR process using the HR Analytics dashboard. Analyze finance with the banking dashboard and determine success with the Power BI marketing dashboard. Integrate the Power BI dashboard into the website or application for a better-unified experience.

Cost Effectiveness Blue Cost Effectiveness White


Power BI comes with an effective business solution where Power BI desktop offers a free desktop version to create an immersive dashboard and reports without spending a penny. You can pay for additional features you would like to add.

Q & A Function Blue Q & A Function White

Q & A Function

This feature comes with an excellent benefit, allowing you to ask questions using natural language and providing the information you’re looking for. All you require to do is visit the Q & A section and enter your question.

Dashboard for Specific User Types

Improve recruiting, optimize workplace management, and boost employee performance with HR Dashboard development.

Generate a reporting tool tracked by professionals. Effectively manage business operations by making smart strategic decisions.

Keep track of product sales and performance in real time. Power BI product revenue dashboard helps add helpful data insights and generate revenue based on your overall sales.

Create a CXO Finance dashboard to share across C-level people for your organization. Track overall business performance indicators and insights and identify the area of improvement.

Get an operations excellence dashboard for your manufacturing industry and quickly build efficient processes. Do more with less staff by adding streamlined processes.


Dashboards can be used across different industries and verticals. Dashboards come with various visualizations, such as graphs, tables, and charts. These elements help to show all business insights on one single page. Organizations can use dashboards to boost their productivity and let their data tell the story.

Reports are like offering a deep insight into a dataset and concentrating on a single item. At the same time, Dashboard uses elements to provide high-level data analysis into one single platform.

Data visualization is like providing the user with a visual form of making it easier to analyze and understand the data. In comparison, the Data dashboard offers a summary related to datasets making it easier for companies and users to understand easily.

One can use the Dashboard to measure web analytics, manufacturing information, sales and finance data, marketing performance, logistics data, and other human resources information.

Yes, Power BI Desktop is always free, and one can use both Power BI desktop services, like free and paid license options.

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