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Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based tool used to generate a holistic approach for your business. Use Power BI to build an immersive dashboard and add deep insights into your data. Choose a trusted Microsoft Power BI partner in Canada, the USA, and India and drive data-driven decisions using business analytics.


Get ready to amplify your business outcomes using the best Microsoft Power BI Solutions. Our excellent Microsoft Power BI team helps to bridge the gap between data and decisions. atQor, as a leading Microsoft Power BI Partner across India, the USA, and Canada, assists in developing and managing a robust Power BI ecosystem. Get connected and tailor your requirement with ease.   

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How does Power BI help your business?


Power BI is right for your business, if you’re looking to create reports that can easily visualize and analyze your business operation across all platforms. Drive better decision with Microsoft Power BI and grow your business globally.


Powerful Dashboards

Power BI dashboards are so powerful that it offers a streamlined option to update data regularly and makes a straightforward analysis of real-time data.


Advanced-Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)

DAX is a popular feature used by Power BI users most frequently. It’s a language that helps to make reporting easy and powerful. It allows custom calculations and improves the data model.


Use Power BI for Azure IT Data

One can use the Power BI solution template to build own dashboard and reports for multiple devices and get data into an Azure SQL database.


Seamless Integrations

Get ready to integrate your existing Microsoft applications, including office 365, SharePoint, and dynamics 365. It also covers products like Salesforce, Google Analytics, and more.


Powered by AI

Power BI has built-in machine learning features that help analyze the user’s data and spot valuable trends.


Affordable & Inexpensive

Power BI Development is generally affordable for small businesses, as the cost is very low per user. The user can download a free trial version of the Power BI desktop and use it effectively.

Power BI Partner Solutions

Power BI Consulting White
Power BI Consulting

We at atQor provide top-notch Power BI consulting services covering customization and implementation guidance for technical support.

Power BI Implementation White
Power BI Implementation

As a Microsoft Power BI partner in India, we help configure power BI solutions from scratch using the defined business goals.

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Power BI Support

Get ready to facilitate smooth operation based on the Power BI platform, ensuring improved productivity of Power BI users.

As an excellent Microsoft Power BI Partner in India, we help to develop Power bi Dashboard and integrate Power BI with Dynamics 365. Our Power BI Partner solutions support to development best strategies for your organization.

Why go with Microsoft Power BI Partner?

Microsoft Power BI uses a business analytics tool to converts data from various sources. Make data driven decision better with building interactive dashboards. Here are a few reasons to choose a Microsoft BI partner in India.

Get Access To A Volume Of Data From Various Sources Blue Get Access To A Volume Of Data From Various Sources White

Get Access to a Volume of Data from Various Sources

View, analyze, and visualize various data quantities through Power BI, which cannot be opened in Excel. But with Power BI, one can open files in Excel, CSV, XML, PDF, JSON, etc.

Get Interactive UI UX Features Blue Get Interactive UI UX Features White

Get Interactive UI/UX Features

Make things visually appealing by quickly dragging and dropping functionality. This feature allows you to copy all formats across visualizations.

Get Exceptional Excel Integration Blue Get Exceptional Excel Integration White

Get Exceptional Excel Integration

Gather, analyze, publish, and share data with Power BI. It helps to connect excel queries easily and data models and generate reports through Power BI dashboards.

Accelerate Big Data Preparation Blue Accelerate Big Data Preparation White

Accelerate Big Data Preparation

Use Power BI with Azure to analyze the large volume of data with reducing the insight time. Increase collaboration between data engineers, business analytics, and data scientists.

Turn Insights Into Action Blue Turn Insights Into Action White

Turn Insights into Action

Use the custom dashboard and generate sharable reports with driving new experience and building better insights.

Get Real Time Analytics Streaming Blue Get Real Time Analytics Streaming White

Get Real-time Analytics Streaming

Power BI allows you to perform real-time streaming analytics, helping you fetch data from various sources for making better decision.

Highlighted Features of Power BI Partner

Choose the best Microsoft Power BI partner in the USA and use the free software Power BI desktop, which allows you to quickly build reports and access data.

Adding a data source is one of the vital features Power BI provides. With creating interactive visualization, one can access various data sources, including Excel, SQL Server, CSV, Web Files, and more.

The essential feature of Power BI is that it supports stream analytics. Additionally, Power BI assists in real-time analytics and making timely decisions efficiently.

Power BI helps deal with complex data and provides access to the custom visualization library to meet business demands.


Microsoft Power BI comes with a business analytics solution that allows one to visualize data across the organization. It comes with a solution comprising several products and services by leveraging the individual elements and benefiting from how it works.

Power BI is built on top of Azure. It comes with multiple data sources which connect to Power BI. Later, the Power BI desktop allows to generate reports and add data visualization on various dataset. At the same time, Power BI gateways connect to the on-premises data sources. This helps to get data continuously. In the end, cloud services publish Power BI reports. Therefore, one can stay connected and access data from anywhere. The Power BI apps can now be available for platforms like iOS, Windows, and Android.

Firstly, the main strength of Power BI is it allows both technical and non-technical analysts to build data visualization efficiently with coding skills. It comes with reporting features that create well-designed interactive dashboards with ease. Users can tell stories using advanced data visualization.   

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