Unlock the value of your employee efficiency and uncover new opportunity anticipating what your employee needs next by investing in the apps built by Microsoft partners that brings more collaboration, connectivity, and engagement among your employees using Microsoft teams. 

Microsoft teams is a spark that gives lives to your employee communication and a space where you and your teams come together to collaborate and communicate.  

But Microsoft teams is more than a place to chat or to have meetings. Teams offer a variety of elements and features that businesses need to explore to make their workplace more hybrid, connective, and seamless.  

Microsoft Teams Partner can bridge the gap between businesses and teams that, aid users in exploring various capabilities and features that can harness hybrid work and keep employees more connected at one place.  

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More on, Microsoft Teams Partners provide a range of services to help customers make the most of Teams. This can include technical support and guidance, training and workshops, implementation, integration and configuration of Teams, custom solutions, and add-ons. 


With the assistance of Microsoft Teams Partners, businesses can leverage migration assistance, stay up-to-date on the latest Teams updates and features, and able to build and maintain strong relationships with Microsoft and customers. 


One of the key benefits of working with a Microsoft Teams Partner is the expertise they bring to the table. Certified Partners demonstrated their technical and functional expertise in implementing Teams solutions and have the experience and knowledge to provide the best solutions for a customer’s specific needs. By choosing a certified partner, customers can have confidence in the reliability and quality of the services they receive.  


Microsoft Team Partner atQor offers game-changing customized teams’ solutions that help to elevate your business collaboration and engagement. Moreover, we design and develop a unique range of solutions to meet customers' specific needs.  


Our range of Microsoft Teams Services and solutions ensures that customers can get the most out of Microsoft Teams and that their investment in the platform is well worth it. 


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Why Choose atQor as Microsoft Teams Partner?

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atQor has extensive experience working with Microsoft Teams and a deep understanding of the platform's capabilities. 

Strong Track Record White
Strong Track Record

atQor has a strong track record of successfully delivering Microsoft Teams solutions to organizations of all sizes and across a wide range of industries. 

Proven Methodologies White
Proven Methodologies

atQor follows proven methodologies for delivering Microsoft Teams solutions that are based on best practices and industry standards. 

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Customized Solutions

atQor offers customized solutions for Microsoft Teams that are tailored to the specific needs and goals of each organization. 

What the Approaches of Microsoft Teams Partner – atQor?

Microsoft Teams Partner atQor typically use a variety of approaches to help businesses get the most out of Microsoft Teams. Here are a few common approaches: 

Assessment Blue (1) Assessment White (1)


Collaboration Blue Collaboration White


User Experience Blue User Experience White

User Experience

Best Practices Blue Best Practices White

Best Practices

Cost Optimization Blue Cost Optimization White

Cost Optimization

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How atQor can Help Businesses Being Certified Microsoft Teams Partner?

Working with atQor the Microsoft Certified Teams Partner, businesses can maximize the benefits of Microsoft Teams and ensure that their investment in the platform is well-utilized. 

Implementation & Development Blue Implementation & Development White

Implementation & Development

Our experts can help with the implementation and development of Microsoft Teams, ensuring that the journey of implementation is seamless and satisfy the specific needs of the business.   

Integration With Other Tools Blue Integration With Other Tools White

Integration with other Tools

We can help integrate different tools and system for our clients with Microsoft teams, such HRIS, Yammer, Office 365, Cloud and other collaborative platforms to create seamless working environments for your employees. 

Customization Blue Customization White


atQor can help customize Microsoft Teams to meet the unique needs of the business, as well as develop custom applications and solutions that can be integrated with Teams. 

Training And Adoption Blue Training And Adoption White

Training and Adoption

To make optimum use of Microsoft teams atQor offers training session for employees to make them understand the features and showcases of Microsoft teams app. 

Support And Maintenance Blue Support And Maintenance White

Support and Maintenance

We provide ongoing support and maintenance for Microsoft Teams, ensuring that the platform stays up-to-date and runs smoothly. 

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To make maximum ROI we provide well-versed recommendations for using Microsoft Teams and can help businesses implement these in their own organization. 


Microsoft Teams Partner is a program for organizations and individuals who are interested in offering Microsoft Teams services to their customers. It provides access to resources, support, and tools to help partners deliver high-quality solutions and services for Microsoft Teams. 

Microsoft Teams Partners have access to a variety of support resources, including technical support, sales support, marketing support, and access to online forums and communities. 

Yes, Microsoft Teams Partners can sell Microsoft Teams licenses to their customers as part of their solutions and services offerings. 

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