In balancing the market demand with appropriate supply, the distribution & wholesale industry play an essential role. To fulfill the requirements faster, they constantly look forward to a solution that can provide a complete suite of components for forecasting, order entry, purchasing, warehouse management, and inventory control with integrated features for the company’s financials, reporting, and analysis.

“More than 60% of businesses have witnessed a successful result from digital transformation in their distribution network & 57% noticed high customer satisfaction rate through multichannel strategy.”

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Distribution, a critical aspect of the operations management of any wholesaler. Finding the perfect balance between supply and demand, avoiding under, or overstocking, and removing backorders are of utmost importance for distributors. Unlike the old days, modern companies need sophisticated technology solutions to manage their distribution systems. atQor can fulfill such technological need with world-class Microsoft based technologies that integrates every aspect of your company's distribution. We aim to provide personalized services that help you streamline your business's various processes by digitally transforming distribution networks.

Wholesale & Distribution

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Challenges for the Industry

"Carefully manage your inventory and avoid shortages while maximizing profit margins and ensuring customer satisfaction" this sounds easy but is difficult to implement technically. atQor has tools & solutions that precisely measure demand and assist in managing the optimum stock levels for supply. You get instant notifications while shorting low on supplies or nearing a delivery date. It effectively grants visibility so that you can be proactively engaged in your company's inventory management process. Faulty order processing often leads to delays and affect the customer expectations. atQor ensures smooth order processing by arming you with fully integrated tools that include sales price/discount engine, email invoicing, built-in credit card processing, sales commission management, and estimated shipping costs.

Manage your trade spend more healthily by tracking promotions, prices, discounts, and minimizing losses. With atQor’s digital transformation tools, solutions & services, you will not have to worry about your margin security and underpricing. Businesses can accurately measure the trade spending and maintain a competitive advantage. atQor also has solutions for various analytical tasks performance that prioritise the profitability and maximize the company profits. Our tools will help you analyse various revenue streams and manage expenses spent on sales, marketing, order processing, and other overhead costs. With it, you can view the expenditures in real-time and adjust when necessary.

The pricing strategy is vital for distribution management, and companies usually struggle with setting optimal prices that maximize profits. Using real-time data and powerful insights, you can optimize pricing strategies that will minimize your losses and ensure a streamlined process. Perform accurate trend analysis, assess buyer behaviour, and track current market conditions using our state-of-the-art technologies. Using real-time data, accurate reporting of past campaigns, current market conditions, and buyer behaviour. Distribution management can massively benefit from a robust financial reporting mechanism as it helps them make better-informed decisions. Our products provide you meaningful insights by thoroughly analyzing the financial data in real-time, transforming your entire ecosystem in the process. You can compare past and current data, perform accurate forecasting for finances, and adopt new strategies to create value for all the stakeholders. You can also manage multinational operations, including handling multi-currency transactions and staying in compliance with global and local government and regulatory authorities.

Transform your shipping and receiving processes by effectively managing complex warehouse processes and high volumes with tailor-made solutions. At atQor, our goal is to ensure that you have maximum control of your shipping operation, improving the accuracy of shipping forecasts, reducing missed shipments and inadequate packaging, and boosting customer satisfaction. Simplify your warehouse management scenario by reducing wasted, lost, and damaged stock. Our tools deliver accurate, real-time communication, access to critical data, and detailed reports on your desktop or mobile devices. Now you can precisely calculate staff requirements, estimate productivity levels, and identify trends that will minimize miscellaneous expenses.

Distributors often find themselves in a dilemma of storing too much or too little inventory in their warehouses. We will help eradicate this problem through collaborative forecasting and complete access to historical data, trends, and market conditions, allowing you to forecast inventory demands accordingly. Allowing for greater control over customer-specific inventories is critical as it allows us the flexibility we need when implementing new products with our customers. We strongly believe that all consumers have equal opportunities to participate fully in these events by purchasing goods from any source they deem appropriate.

Wholesale & Distribution Industry Software & Solutions

We, atQor, are a decade-old Microsoft Gold Partner and highly proficient in providing personalized software solutions for corporates like you. We have years of experience in understanding our clients' business needs and coming up with innovative & customized solutions that help them realize their organizational goals.