Travel & Transportation are the industries that travel across the globe to transmit products or people. With technological innovations in the industry, it’s creating a new rulebook considering evolutions in customer expectations.

“Several digital Travel & Transportation businesses are expanding their reach and exploring opportunities in various regions owing to the rapid adoptions of digital transformation in the industries.”

Swift your smart approaches with digitalization & reach the top of your customer supposition


High-Tech solutions in logistics can ease the operations & management with automated algorithms that calculate the time & delivery status without any error. Such adoption can streamline the transportation process with auto-scheduling so that businesses can focus on other areas of the operations to achieve organizational growth. atQor serves the organizations people depend on to move or products across the globe securely & seamlessly. In every situation be it global disaster strikes, fortune, or misfortune environments; the logistics & transportation industries serve with their best practices & our digital solutions add pleasantness to their operational practices.

Travel & Transportation

With the collaboration of Microsoft technologies, our innovative teams deliver solutions that enhance your formal practices to advance with digitalization tool support.

Challenges for the Industry

Stay updated with your logistic requirements, keep a track of all possible profits while achieving your customer expectations, analyse the logistic profit margins, and productively manage transportation levels deployed on precise reporting of demand. atQor provides solutions that help in defining profit margins through analytics, monitoring inventories, setting pricing from review reports & much more. With our solutions, you get features like management alerts, mobile device access, visibility of on-going operations, reactive modes on existing system & impact of operations on profit analyser.

Make order processing easy & effective with our technological presence. Bitscape equips your teams with integrated tools for the betterment of processes like sales prising, e-invoicing, customer credit processing, commissioning management, shipment management, mobile device support for order process streamlining. In managing profit margins and in analysing market updates, requirements & expectations, we help with digital tools that give access to marketing & sales campaign analysis, order processing, fund management & financial reporting that creates accurate & reliable forecast of various operations. Considering budget as a major factor we have designed apps that add virtual hands to your process for real-time monitoring, customer feedback gathering, sales order management & much more as per your requirements.

Add the potential and adaptability to manage your pricing & promotions to apt your requirements through digitalization. Inappropriate approaches may lead you to failure yet if you have all reports of possibilities on hand, you can design a productive promotional strategy for growth. Model revenue-generating strategies through real-time data analysis, accurate past campaign reporting, latest market condition details & requirements gathering, and consumer purchase behaviour. With our digital tools, you get an idea of the latest trend which can lead you towards most revenue-optimizing & trade forecasting. Your teams can organise promotions for all your customers or modify promotions by independent customer group-sets.

Seamlessly approach complex warehouse processes & high volumes with our solutions that accompany in adding success to the organization’s journey. Bitscape delivers solutions through which you get complete command of your shipping operations, shipping forecast operations accuracy increment, decrement of shipping failures, and increment of customer satisfaction. You can perform tasks with accurate task maintenance, on-time cross-docking, surety of the best carrier rates, faster communication for accurate shipping operations, and so on. The shipping & receiving operations comes with multiple management challenges that can be resolved if you are prepared with process a report. The solutions help you executing real-time communication, give access to data remotely, detailed reporting, productivity estimation management & much more.

Travel & Transportation Industry Solution & Services

The IT solutions & services for the Travel & Transportation Industry of atQor equip your arms with tools that simplify all the operations & help in streamlining the process with no loopholes. All components are designed on the latest technologies which are fully integrated into various platform features and provide for a secure operation.