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“A recent research indicated that 82% USA households prefer buying organics, 73% millennials support sustainably produced and environment-friendly products, 80% of consumers invest in a brand if they offer personalized experiences.”

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The consumer products or goods industry is highly volatile and vulnerable due to rapidly changing market paradigms. Fluctuating consumer preferences, multiple choices, low margins, and several other factors make it one of the most competitive and risky business sectors. That is why consumer goods & retail companies search for innovative solutions that can help them drive away competitors, remain profitable, and ensure maximum brand performances. At atQor, we understand such problems, and we aim to provide intuitive and personalized services to companies that will help them reach their organizational goals.

Retail & Consumer Goods

atQor has developed tech solutions & methods to advance your consumer goods & retail business

Challenges for the Industry

Effective communication with consumers is necessary for the current competitive business scenario. It builds brand equity and helps in differentiating your offerings from your competitors’. At atQor, our focus is on finding the right digital technology for your business that provides a comprehensive view of how your consumers learn, live, and shop. Using these insights, we have invented solutions taking Microsoft technologies into consideration through which you can create personal and powerful experiences to connect with your customers. The solution helps coordinate and plan your marketing activities to deliver superior results. Successful marketing today is where science and art intersect to deliver exceptional results. We use cutting-edge AI and ML algorithms that will track your investment and precisely measure the ROI of every single activity and financial resources spent on tasks.

Today’s consumers are aware of their carbon footprint and are willing to spend extra on more sustainable products but do not compromise on quality. This dilemma puts consumer goods & retail companies in a tricky situation as high-quality and sustainable goods are usually low marginal. atQor incorporation with Microsoft helps you maximize the efficiency of your supply chain activities through powerful solutions. We use digital technology to trace and measure the entire product life cycle, from stock maintenance to last-mile delivery, providing you control over sourcing and delivering efficiently. Moreover, our solutions will help in precise demand forecasting, avoiding costly and brand-diluting overstocking.

Most companies in the consumer goods & retail sector are fragmented along business lines: supply chain, marketing, and sales and distribution. The number of steps to get a single product to a consumer is highly complex and has multiple dependencies across internal and external parties. These barriers reduce efficiency, limit data sharing, collaboration, and visibility. Such businesses suffer from dramatic changes and require agile execution, along with smart and connected tools. atQor boosts the connectivity and collaboration of your organization through customizable technology solutions. A high degree of collaboration leads to faster problem solving and better returns. By using our technologies, you will witness a rapid rise in productivity across the entire ecosystem, alongside improved speed to market, retail execution, and elevated levels of customer satisfaction.

In the past, relying on innovations in product, packaging, price, and promotion has led to sizeable growth for consumer goods & retail companies. To replicate this growth in the future, business leaders need newer and better strategies. Modern innovation is delivered in many ways, such as new product lines, digitally fuelled in-store experiences, or brand-new technology that creates new revenue streams. atQor in association with Microsoft technologies pushes your innovation pipeline one step ahead of the consumer through business intelligence solutions, so you can surprise and delight them in ways they have never experienced before. With a wealth of nobleness experience across industry segments the tools learn something novel about the tasks; share insights with analytical research to the members via social interactions online; receive personalised content feedback directly within our data sets.

Solutions that overcome above challenges

Retail & Consumer Goods Industry Solutions

The consumer goods industry is at an intersection with technology and has the potential to undergo a complete transformation. atQor is a decade-old Microsoft Gold Partner and has substantial experience in providing personalized technology solutions to corporates like you.