Saving natural resources without causing the environmental loss is the toughest task ever and it is done admirably by Energy & Utility industry. This industry reserves all such resources for humans to survive in routine life. Now users expect an interactive relationship with the industry so that the real-world requirements directly reach the right party.

“28% of global electricity generation & 20% of the total global energy supply is done through renewable energy and the industry leaders assure that it will rise to 45% by 2040.”

Advance your natural resource reservation practices with digital transformation & double your productivity


The Energy and Utilities industry is one of the most critical sectors for any country, primarily due to its capital-intensive nature and its impact on millions of people. Moreover, this industry is one of the prime sectors that are responsible for global warming and other environmental concerns. Governments and companies alike are searching for more innovative and sustainable solutions that will lower the carbon footprint and reduce costs.

Power and Utilities

This is where, we atQor, come in with our years of experience in providing intuitive technology solutions for corporates. We are well aware of the fact that the energy and utility sector is going through a transition. As renewable energy sources are becoming cheaper, the more conservative and traditional means of generating power are becoming obsolete. Our reliance on fossil fuels for our energy needs is slowly coming to a halt.


We have collaborated with Microsoft technologies to deliver solutions that enhance your traditional education system with smart technologies.

Challenges for the Industry

Building a future of optimal energy management needs an advanced base of a foundation. atQor teams understand such importance & have done cloud innovation and created a highly secure environment that protects valuable data of your enterprise. We will help you visualize your grid’s topology, gather data from grid assets, and define rules to trigger alerts. We will then utilize this information to predict maintenance and provide more safety recommendations. Our focus is to prevent failures and avoid critical downtime by carefully monitoring your equipment’s performance. We use predictive forecasting, device controls, digital twins for distributed energy resources, and similar techniques to upgrade your electrical grid.

The industry constantly searches for techniques that can help in minimizing the damage to the planet. By using innovative and sustainable solutions, we will relieve the grid pressure by balancing energy supply-demand and prevent serious power outages. Moreover, these techniques will eliminate the need to upgrade your infrastructure and incur extra costs. Your team will be armed with tools that use machine learning-powered automation of the highest standards that drive employee productivity and safety. Tools will analyse & provide operational reports, resource allocation sheets, sales reports, financial planning & consumer insights.

Visualize situations where you cannot be present on-site & still you can deliver high productivity. Our goal is to create an atmosphere where you can remotely maintain and service electric vehicle (EV) charging points that support multiple charging speeds and vehicle types. We will assist you in driving e-mobility in your organization by making it easier to own and operate electric vehicles by incentivizing ownership. With our customizable applications, you will be able to develop platforms without coding expertise. Your team will be able to develop platforms for sales operations utilization, emergency resource allocation, organizational fleet planning & much more.

The monitoring process of any operation can be digitalized & virtual where one does not need to be present on-site. Our solutions will help you in monitoring emissions in real-time and make your emissions data easily accessible. Our priority is to attain sustainability targets and clean energy adoption by innovative measures such as enabling greenhouse gas and regular carbon accounting and reporting. With business intelligence solutions you can monitor sales activity performance, financial plan reports, resource analytics, & real-time operations.

Power and Utilities Industry Solutions & Services

We, atQor, will help your organization adhere to the worldwide accepted industry standards to maximize productivity and ensure a low carbon footprint. We are a decade-old Microsoft Gold Partner and have substantial experience in providing personalized technology solutions to corporates in several prominent sectors.