Shift your standard connectivity to digital & build a network with which your members can grow together. Formal practices of such an industry limit the reach of members; however, the automated global network connectivity opens multiple doors with growth opportunities.

Industrial research says, “The membership and association sector is giving idiomatic expressions to the reality that succeeding long term member value and growth needs an in-depth focus on digital presence, membership experience and engagement channels instead of an infatuation with the short-term new member acquisition. Such findings highlight that now we are at a stage of distant collaboration and the standard manual notification is beginning to stop.”

Avail your Membership with the virtual presence & digital membership management system


Virtual database & global communication platform integrates your organization website & enables you to create, manage and promote events with an interactive online events calendar with the capability of online registrations management. Deploy the latest technology for connectivity & swift your collaborations to new normal methods. Make your infrastructure modern and deliver the best services to your members with an upgraded business model that uplifts the connectivity streams from a technical standpoint.

Membership Organization

Solutions that promote your networking with intelligence & support your members in socializing for professional & personal events

Challenges for the Industry

Get members registered for your business events, webinars, conferences, and other activities with a smart & safe Microsoft technology based atQor digital platform. You can use these platforms to manage any device from PCs - Macs or smartphones in the cloud by connecting through their dedicated mobile apps on iOS/Android and many more. With our platforms, you can build useful apps without coding, create forms, design a screen with a visual designer, & much more. As per your business requirements, you can develop your customized forms with registrations logics without external help.

Adopt a fully customizable traditional and conversational network with an unlimited number of fields. Join the world's fastest-growing developer community as you set up your own custom network while experiencing our support in multiple developments. Join the well-experienced developers now at one time without needing to use any other hosting platforms. This is more than just networking, it does give you full control over how everything works, from product development to chat messages and even private meetings between your members. With our technological presence, you can connect to your systems virtually, create the data, publish personalized apps, track GPS locations, connect multiple existing data sources, create your own data to power your app & much more.

With a database & fund management system, analyse your paid & unpaid event funds & data via digital channels with atQor’s safeguard technologies and stripe worldwide right on the form without additional database security. This program features an advanced technology that helps you to manage all financial accounts in real-time using mobile apps or any number of proprietary software tools for setting up automated systems. You can perform account payable & receivable overview, account payable & receivable analysis, accounts payable & receivable aging, profit-loss overview, profit-loss analysis, profit-loss budgeting, profit-loss details gathering & so on.

Connect your members & inform them about the upcoming events, conditions and collect their explicit agreement through atQor web parts & solution to stay digitally updated. When it comes to social networking with work, organizations & members do not get many choices but get with the program or do without one because of limitations that come from lack-of productivity tools in our modern age. With us, you can avoid such issues & manage the events online smartly through the alert system, social engagement tools, operational hierarchy management tools, picture streaming, vertical timeline management tools, & so on.

Membership Organizations System Solutions

Expand your service with technologically strong connectivity methods of Microsoft & deliver a high-quality experience with digital transformation services by atQor. With atQor, you can connect and manage data across the most popular datacentres to enhance value for members as well as improve security while enabling better interoperability through global cloud solutions.