To fight back with the COVID-19 pandemic for your business, terminate the traditional practices & buttress your outcomes with atQor’s state-of-the-art technology solutions & services.

“The global research on manufacturing industry states that out of 1000 enterprises 940 are going through supply chain disruptions due to COVID-19, 75% of the enterprises have had negative collisions on their businesses, and 55% enterprises have planned to demote their production & growth.”

Outline your production unit with our Digital Manufacturing Solutions, Industrial IoT & get the best out of all efforts


Manufacturing is a dramatically upgrading industry that adopts the market advancements faster than usual. In such an industry, our technology innovations, industry experience & association with Microsoft technologies will support your manufacturing operations to perform effortlessly. To build the success path, restructure your manufacturing unit from an emporium story to state-of-the-art technological practices for the gratification of your customer demand. You can design an upgraded business model with our high-end technology and add value to your revenue-generating streams.


Our solutions & methods to enhance your traditional manufacturing business to a technologically smart business

Challenges for the Industry

Training the staff and manual business management is a tough task for the manufacturing industry. To make it easy & technologically strong, you can merge your manual business application with our cloud-based solutions and secured services to make the workforce smarter than ever. With the technological tools, you need to take control of your entire organization, from sales-personal through technology consultant and founder; we will help you in building an incredible unit of smart teams working together that will deliver more in less time. Our solutions allow you to monitor productivity, measure the efficiency, streamline operational efficiency, track real-time KPI’s, monitor the performance through dashboards, & measure performance via valuable insights & analytical reports.

Infrastructure designing asks for many efforts, especially when technology is involved. The manufacturing industry is now relying on technology equally as human resources. Design a safe, secure, and acrobatic production house with our futuristic industry solutions & make your production technologically exclusive. We believe this is a must-see project for all industry stakeholders that focus on big picture problem solving; we have many experienced engineers working across many different departments at each stage in their career who will be involved from start through finish by helping deliver high-quality solutions both globally/around town and regionally.

Customer engagement plays an important role in knowing the performance of the manufactured product as it gives a brief of user expectations. To make it smart with the latest technology, adopt technological practices for marketing, sales, and service channels to deliver a superior experience to your customers. atQor gives a push to all your engagement departments with our strong solutions & powerful services. The solutions show some of the ways you can incorporate analytics into those engagements – offering power tips on what's trending across the industry. Think about which features should be tied to current business outcomes versus desired future results or where market opportunities lie before jumping onto an Analytics-centric solution! We offer a customization facility as an additional service with our existing solutions to help in achieving your desired goals.

Supply chain management needs extra efforts as it engages with external delivery agencies as well. To make it simple & hustle free, upgrade your durability & productivity satisfaction with acute supply chain planning and execution. By enabling our cloud-based services & solution adoption you can improve the performance of the supply chain with accessibility, scalability, & lower cost to create a holistic solution for an everchanging society.

Newness is a mantra of customer satisfaction enhancement. Any industry needs adoption on newness to stay updated in the market as users also like companies that provide products with innovations. Enhance your customer experience with technologically proven services & sustainable products. With the power insight tools created by atQor teams that reverify your data & discover the hidden insights. We build, grow, and transform every aspect of our business using advanced analytics technologies to provide you a better-customized solution that will make it much easier for customers on all devices. Make your customers feel like your unique company is one of the greatest associations ever opened in modern times!

Manufacturing IT Consulting Services & Solutions

By deploying digital transformation services & Microsoft technology solutions of atQor, businesses can deliver their products with smart expectations achieving outcomes & do manufacturing with intelligent solutions.