Hospitality & Leisure is an industry that provides a superior experience for those who are away from home on vacation or for business. Every guest comes with individual needs with an expectation of a high-quality experience. In the end, they search for someone who can comfort them with a homely ambiance & your company is responsible to deliver that experience. To deliver the best-in-class service if you have well-supporting technology solutions, you can grab the attention of your guests straightforwardly.

“Tourism and Hospitality presents a huge allowance for growth in any country’s economy and technology has emerged as a revolutionist by contributing enormous opportunities for Tourism, Travel, Hospitality and leisure industries; said global economy management experts”

Cuddle your services with our high and mighty technology solutions & endeavor your efforts with ease


Adoption of worthy technology solutions gives freehand to the hospitality & leisure industry for better service delivery. In the current situation, the industry is trying its best to meet and exceed its guests’ expectations with technological support. We atQor has expertise in digitalizing every department & can support in adding solutions for branding, sales analysis, operational efficiency, managing guest relationships, and many more as per your needs. Our technology can help in synchronizing the guests and hospitality & leisure service providers with customized technology support that gives a finer guest experience.


By associating with Microsoft technologies atQor delivers solutions & services that enhance your industrial experience with high-end technologies.

Challenges for the Industry

Connecting with the right audiences for marketing is an issue for the hospitality & leisure industry. With the presence of technological tools & business intelligence solutions of atQor, you can build an audience-specific targeted strategy. The solutions help in tracking real-time KPIs & the dashboard to monitor your campaign performance with valuable insights. Plus, it helps you reach a large number of audiences without any additional cost and make money on sales-driven businesses by providing comprehensive data coverage services that provide value. As a result, you do not need too much time or space after deploying the solution; all you have got are basic metrics such as customer feedback, survey pages, sales reports, analytical reports & so on, which means no more tedious search engine optimization efforts require. Such technology gives enough confidence to the team to proceed further towards their next step up when necessary.

The manual process of confirming bookings & verification of client data is time-consuming; at the time of rush, some guests might complain about such time consumption and to overcome that atQor has automation services that verify & saves data without manual interruption. For hospitality & leisure management our engineers have designed machine learning services, automated bot service, infrastructural IoT suits, stream analytic dashboards & much more. From booking rooms via a virtual reservation portal, we leverage powerful technologies like Artificial Intelligence which allows you to automate every step related to guest activities. Our AI solution makes it possible by using intelligent decisions made on spot based upon guests’ specific requirements in order not only to generate accurate results but also to provide valuable insights from behind closed doors! It works through state-of multiple factors including travel history, preferences, reviews & many others. This updates you with data from all around the world & you will easily be able to verify the guests’ interest accurately & instantly as they visit different websites. A big advantage here is automatic database transactions generated according to guests’ behaviour.

In aligning the business process & streamline various operations through automation to avoid data breach or error occurrences. atQor solutions help streamline various operations like banking management, compliance management, resource management, shared services management & much more depending upon your requirements. Our team equips your management with tools through which you can create your own apps, you can automate the workflow, you can personalize your APIs & collaborate with technological support. In case of need and event notification platform for guests across the world, we provide a whole range of technology solutions from online registration to shared services. To increase guest’s retention by providing them relevant marketing initiatives (like social media accounts, chatrooms, etc.), their digital footprint needs to be managed technologically; thus, we provide customizable technology solutions.

Automation can make your guest interaction more interesting & reliable. The unified interface of our solution makes guest & staff activity management easy with the best tracking systems. You can perform calendar management, activity tracking, opportunity management, order management, booking management & so on. In the case of data security & connectivity, you can rely on our share-point solutions that help in complex business processes automation, the digital establishment of any task, a platform for team connectivity, a secured channel for data transfer, better mobility & so on. For an instance, an event management tool provides unique scheduling capabilities to automate and manage multiple events simultaneously between different teams or departments at the same time via an easily maintainable shared file-sharing mechanism. With our integrated dashboard, live web services, and interactive analytics service, you can achieve high-level user engagement by improving service performance metrics including guest satisfaction, transaction experience rating & sales commission conversion rate through continuous monitoring from the end-user side.

Hospitality Industry Services

The deployment of our digital transformation services & technology solutions can augment your guest experience & help in organizing the business tasks securely. Our flexible solution & service providing strategy allows us fully execute projects efficiently within a tight timeframe ensuring consistent delivery results!