Healthcare, Pharma & Life sciences; all these industries are dependent on technology to research with the extra hands-on biological tests. With the proficiency of access to virtual data and a rising list of affirmed consumers, the life sciences sector is ready to advantage from consolidated drug production, experimental trials, and a healthcare domain that not only defines the best care for the patients but is honored through noteworthy economic extension too.

“Worldwide medical experts i.e surgeons, epidemiologists, pharmacists & administrators are migrating from traditional to advanced technologies to provide personalized treatment to the society.”

Strengthen your medical systems with our high-end technological solutions & make all your experiments result worthy


The healthcare industry is arguably the most prominent and needs special attention. As evident by the current pandemic, improper planning can cost us financially and lead to substantial loss of life. There is a wide disparity in healthcare capabilities in the developed and underdeveloped world, and the gap is getting wider. Technology transfer and sharing is the primary way of ensuring equitable and affordable access to healthcare worldwide. Moreover, modern healthcare is more personalized than ever, as patients demand an experience that is tailor-made for them.

Healthcare & Pharma

atQor understands the conundrum faced by medical professionals, caregivers, and policymakers, about providing personalized care and storing critical data of patients. Globally, there is a strong focus on digitizing the medical data of millions of patients to offer them personalized medical services while simultaneously ensuring the safety of this information. Our goal is to help healthcare and medical workers welcome this challenge to better prepare for medical calamities like the COVID-19 pandemic.


We have collaborated with Microsoft technologies to deliver solutions that enhance your traditional medical system with smart technologies.

Challenges for the Industry

Boost patient satisfaction by engaging with them and their family members in treatment decisions with our personalized patient engagement solutions. Enhance treatment plans by analyzing past experiences using meaningful insights from our advanced data analytics techniques like operational analytics, sales analytics, consumer insights, financial analytics, resource analytics & so on. At atQor, our goal is to provide you with a holistic view of each patient by scrutinizing case by case information, predictive care, and provider feedback. We will use patient-specific data to ensure they are getting care for properly.

Consumers often need treatment & solutions from multiple care providers in different healthcare specialists. Communication between different caregivers is not always smooth, leading to delayed treatment and prolonged suffering for the patient. Our solutions will enable you to share data faster than ever before and create an atmosphere of increased collaboration. Streamline your workflows and coordinate with your team members in real-time through chatbots, crisis communication apps, order management apps, & so on; so that Consumers’ safety and health is prioritized.

Healthcare is expensive in every corner of the planet, making it necessary for top management of healthcare institutions to look for more cost-effective solutions. However, financial resources are wasted due to delays in decision making and operational inefficiencies. At atQor, our mission is to prioritize the patient’s health by harnessing valuable data to improve team efficiency by providing a platform for secure communication. Our services will help you cut down costs through timesheet synonyms, administrative monitoring systems & compliance management systems while supporting data interoperability across multiple systems.

Protecting patient information is of utmost importance to healthcare institutions. Cybercriminals can exploit this information for malicious purposes and create obstacles in treatment. The goal is to gather as much health information as possible but also protect it from attackers simultaneously. atQor will help you take a comprehensive approach to data compliance and governance to prevent incidents that disrupt patient care. Our cutting-edge solutions will help you build better relationships with your patients through mutual trust, security, and compliance. The solutions give intelligent security with identity & access management, threat protection, information protection, device & app Management, and advanced compliance.

Healthcare & Pharma Industry Solutions & Services

Personalized care, medical data security, assisted surgery, and Public Health Management are emerging as prime solutions for addressing the grievances of patients and medical workers alike. atQor will help you in your digital transformation journey and improving collaboration across the entire spectrum of the healthcare and life sciences sector, including care providers, pharmacists, surgeons, and nurses.