Budgets are being cut, demand for services is rising. Government sectors are seeking modern, affordable solutions that fulfill their vows in this unstable, difficult milieu. In such snoop conditions, atQor offers intelligent IT solutions for government agencies across the nation. By reforming complex networks and achieving higher levels of citizen satisfaction by our Azure Government Cloud services.

“Since Covid-19 the adoption of solution from Microsoft in public sector has increased significantly. Infect, in 59% of the firms surveyed, the COVID-19 epidemic has advanced digital transformation. Furthermore, In Europe, Estonia uses its digital identity card to enable 99% of public services—including election voting moreover, 77% of government organizations claim that initiatives for digital transformation promoted during the pandemic are already benefiting their business positively”.

How Can Digital Governance Improve Government?


Government needs to undergo a revolution if it is to create a public sector that is ready for the future. New technology is only one aspect of digital transformation; it also involves changing organizational structures, governance, business procedures, culture, and mentality.


The revolutionary impact that new technology could have on enhancing the efficacy of government is one feature of new technology that receives far less attention.


As a multifaceted notion that involves, among other things, the efficient delivery of public goods like education, health, social security, and transportation, and even to control corruption new technologies hold considerable promise for enhancing government effectiveness.


Citizens today demand individualized, responsive governmental services on par with those they receive from the commercial sector. Governments must rethink how digital technology may be applied to improve the entire citizen experience with public services. In order to achieve this, policymaking and service delivery must adopt a "citizen-first" mentality and mindset. The ultimate objective is to raise public trust in government, promote efficient and transparent engagement, raise service quality, and improve citizen outcomes.  


To prevail over such challenge in developing countries and European nations authorities need to adopt IT solutions for better enhancement and development for their citizen. To conquer such development IT intelligent solution for government will be essential. By making use of cutting-edge technological solutions to provide greater citizen services and government advantages, Government technology solution provider like atQor streamlines the workflow of government organisations.  


The world's governments may find the solution in a total digital transformation of our current systems, and we at atQor can assist them with that. We want to help governments and the public sector by utilizing our years of experience to offer creative solutions so they may successfully complete government contracts and better serve their constituents.

We have specialized in providing Public Sector IT solutions and Microsoft Government cloud Services that can enhance the conventional administrative system through cutting-edge technology thanks to our experience working internationally and our use of Microsoft AZURE government cloud services technologies. 

Challenges & its Solutions for the industry

The outside world is the main source of the urge to modernize. As was already noted, citizens can complete almost any task with a few taps on their phones, and they anticipate the same from government. And the government also understands such desires of citizens. Hence to improve such sources government should implement technology such as Microsoft Government cloud Services provided by atQor to overcome the demand of citizens.

In the past, paper was the sole medium available to the government, however, it is still a sole medium for some governmental departments for accomplishing tasks and recording them for future use. That isn't the case anymore because paper is now an expensive, time-consuming, and environmentally harmful product. Knowing that government should now transform their work digitally, using IT services like office 365 government, different departments can store tons of documents which can easily be accessible anywhere, anytime.

Upgrading to new technology can be time-consuming due to the complicated procurement processes, especially in the federal government. In fact, roughly one in five survey participants named it their top technological challenge.

Therefore, it should not be surprising that government is embracing cloud-based solutions more and more. The cloud (also known as software as a service, or SaaS) offers a more cost-effective, capital-light approach while still providing substantial security, cost, and innovation advantages.

An estimated 1.6 billion kids were prevented from attending school as a result of temporary closures that occurred at some point during the epidemic in more than 180 nations. Thus, governments must figure out how to use adult education to pave the road to a better future while also reforming traditional education programs to better serve all children. If the trend toward virtual learning continues, policymakers must also decide how to pay for higher education. However, the cloud-based technologies such as dynamic 365 Government and office 365 government from atQor might be boon for policymakers as such technologies can transform traditional learning to a combination of digital enablement, curriculum revision, the use of new learning methods, upskilling of teachers and structural redesign.

During the pandemic, crime has escalated in several nations, digital security has grown to be as big of a danger as or bigger than physical security. As governments and corporations scramble to become more digital, cybercrime has rapidly surged. Hence to secure the safety of government data and belongings government should transform to intelligent security solutions using AI-powered cloud-based and on-premises services to ensure maximum security.

Government & Public Sector Services & Solution

Lowering the amount of manual labor and increasing acceptance of technology boosts productivity and job happiness, which helps retain top talent and enhances the way that the public perceives government services. As a result, we at atQor assist you in maintaining regulatory compliance standards while maximizing efficiency and guaranteeing top-notch Microsoft Azure Government cloud-based IT solutions for better development of the economy. Get in touch with us to learn more.