Education is the industry that molds the raw human learnings into a legacy. To deliver a better learning experience digital transformation plays an indispensable role. When institutions invest in technical solutions, they get the capability to adapt to the changing industry environment in return.

“As per expert educators, Tech transformation in the education industry has intimated the participation of viable management, to adapt to the changes imposed by new technological updates.”

Embrace your education system with our digital solutions 


Technology solutions make learnings easy & interactive for learners. It curates the solutions focusing on the learner’s perspective & helps the educators in designing a teaching module considering technological results. With the presence of such high-end technology for the education system, educators fuse their training and learning methods in a way that delivers the concept effortlessly. These solutions deliver superior training experience to students as well as corporate learners. The requirement of collaboration, communication, and service delivery is increasing faster than ever before and such a fact cannot be denied.


We have collaborated with Microsoft technologies to deliver solutions that enhance your traditional education system with smart technologies.

Challenges for the Industry

Education industry faces issues of task & operations management like accurate measurement of student needs, measuring success against peers, verifying different delivery resources, selection of right delivery platform & so on. To overcome such issues atQor has developed few solutions & gives services partnering with Microsoft technologies. Our solutions & services keep you ahead of the peers and help you lead from the front. The solutions include Machine Learning Services, IoT suits, Stream Analytics, Bot Service & much more with customization features. With these technological availabilities, one can lead the business & design a strategy that takes the institutions to the top.

The industry has immense data that needs streamlined management so that the institute does not fall back in the journey of success. Gather student’s insights is important for better education delivery & learning experience. atQor has invented solutions & services for you that help in Bank Management, Resource Management, Compliance Management, Shared Service support & much more with customization features. The solutions come across as easy and efficient to use while making any data management task incredibly pleasurable by letting us stay focused on our tasks at hand. Our Solution Development teams work closely together ensuring efficiency; this enables us to keep things organized from source code/source control into a cloud environment where all changes become available immediately after acceptance if desired or when required.

Complex business processes need external help & for secure data sharing institutions need cyber technologies. In the constantly evolving industry, you can perform flexibly if the right support is available & atQor aids with flexible technology solutions that adopt market changes faster than usual. We have designed SharePoint services that automate complex business processes, helps establish digital platforms, better mobility, & much more with customization features. Institutions using such technology get benefit from our intelligent and comprehensive approach to enable them quickly access information about their students worldwide in a transparent manner & ensure seamless solution usage, so they stay connected securely while doing good work.

Team alliance with right technology support is a mutual query for every industry; yet to get all industries out of such query atQor have deployed solutions & designed few services that can resolve every query at one stop. In association with Microsoft technologies, atQor brings power apps that help organizations tackle the hardships and grow with precision. With it, institutions can create personalized apps, automate their workflow, custom their APIs, collaborate with external support & so on. Our team creates innovative application features from scratch & tools are more efficient than traditional programs not only because they run faster but also reduce operational costs significantly by using advanced techniques.

Educational Industry Solutions & Services

With the deployment of digital transformation services & technology solutions of atQor, institutions can educate their students & trainees with smart learning experiences & achieve institutional growth with intelligent solutions. From corporate training to online educational courses, there are many ways in which institutions will enhance student education via tech-code or integrate it into existing curricula.